Arab World: Annapolis peace summit ‘waste of time’

Plus the Syrian Shocka! They aren’t attending.

Jpost looks at Arabic reaction to the Annapolis summit thus far, Syria has rejected the invitation graciously extended by the State Department to attend as apparently none of their goals will be met by supporting an Israeli / Palestinian peace.

Not that any of this is surprising, the EU likely spends more time pinning over the Palestinian cause than the entire Arab world combined. The Palestinians are just pawns in the Arab world, not an actual issue to be solved unfortunately. The EU itself is calling for ‘wider participation’ from the Arabs, I believe that may be complicated diplomatic code for ‘pony up some dough you cheap bastards.’

Syrian President Bashar Assad announced on Thursday that his country would not participate in the Middle East peace conference in Annapolis next month, Army Radio reported. Speaking to Tunisian media, Assad said the conference had no chance of achieving Syria’s goals.

Regarding the IAF raid in Syria on September 6, Assad said that Israel’s silence proved the failure of Israeli and US intelligence. He said the two were attempting to cover up their actions in a cloud of mystery.

Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have yet to confirm their participation in the conference, which is scheduled for November. Last month, Arab diplomats based in Cairo told The Jerusalem Post that the majority of Arab leaders believe that the conference is just a “waste of time.” [...]

Come to think of it, seeing as the PA is adamant on some absurd demands, cannot meet any of its commitments, and has shown to date zero effort to curb terror or the endless incitement / atmosphere of pure hatred – From Israel’s perspective this isn’t a waste of time so much as a railroading.

Update: Vive La Resistance!

There’s plenty of shared skepticism here in the Israel camp, I’ve boldly predicted that the government may topple starting in the November to early 2008 range, now some prominent Knesset members are making me look good despite the fact I need a haircut. Lieberman – Israel Our Home party leader, and Shaul Mofaz (Kadima Transport Minister) both big wigs of the government coalition are warning about the dangers of selling the farm..

JPOST – Lieberman warns against raising ‘core issues’ at Annapolis parley

A decision to place core issues at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – including final borders, right of return for Palestinian refugees, and the status of Jerusalem – on the agenda of a US-sponsored Middle East parley in Annapolis could break up the government, Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Thursday. [...]

More pointedly, the Likud in opposition feels the same way, as does the coalitioned Shas religious party, and a few more lone wolfs like Mofaz above. I’ll be running the numbers in a post next week to see exactly how this Jenga tower of a government is shaping up. As an added factor, a semi-watered down but still much heralded Winograd Commission report on the Lebanon conflict is due soon as well.. Sure to be a hot potato. Throw in the guaranteed Hamas terrorist attacks (7 Suicide Bombings prevented this month alone) that are a hallmark of any peace initiative and we may be off to the races in 2008.

I’m inaugurating a new categoy called ‘Peace Process‘ for all the Annapolis / political mania / violence that is coming to my region.