Rice has lost her way…

US State Dept. Foreign PolicyThe NY Times reports further on the schism at the most senior levels of the US Administration..

I think it is fairly obvious what we are dealing with here, non of Rice’s hard long efforts have produced.

These failures are perhaps less a reflection on her, and more a reflection of whom she has been dealing with. Yet, she appears unable to acknowledge even the most basic historical truths.

Now US American foreign policy is flying literally upside down, at a critical time of flux.

Israel beware..

The failure to at least confront North Korea in the open before proceeding maddeningly down the road of six party talks speaks volumes to the path of multilateral weakness now being pursued by the USA, and speaks just as loudly to the looming issue of Iran.

The notion that the US will be able to deal with Iran is now a fleeting one, what does it say about Bush’s legacy that little Israel will have to deal with this existential threat alone? Dr. Rice’s headlong charge towards her own failed legacy it seems trounces all.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last“.

Sir Winston Churchill
British politician (1874 – 1965)

See the previous Rice-Grip: Israel held off State Dept pressure; Struck alleged Nuke site for more depth on the dangerous for Israel appeasement trend.

View reaction at memeorandum, including some pitiful comments posted here not questioning these failed policies, but instead Israel’s intelligence. 

Link update:

Look at this, Maureen Dowd chastises Hillary for dangerously voting in favor of isolating the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in her column Bomb, Bomb Iran. She portrays Condi as ‘running after Cheney with a butterfly net’ regarding Iran & Syria.. How touching to see the depth of the weakness, what a farce. The US isn’t about to bomb Iran!? The US has been acting as if castrated of late thanks to more than butterfly nets, more like the runaway train wreck of appeasement that is the..

State Department

Standing idly by while Iranians proliferate weapons, murder us soldiers, openly support terrorist groups. Vacillating in the face of North Korean assisted Syrian nuclear activities, feeding the Palestinian crocs meat cut out of Israel’s side in order to rally pan-Arab support for its continued failed initiatives. Hardly the stuff of legends.. The Democrats of the far left puff up with pride that Obama, Edwards & CO. voted not to designate the Iranian Guards (at war with the USA currently) a terrorist entity, as if denying the US Administration the economic tools & leverage to try and at least make headway somewhere in this morass of failure is a worthy goal.. What an embarrassment.

Where is the President of the United States? I think I saw him at the UN last week, pity we didn’t hear him say much of anything at all.

Cranky old man update:

Whenever I think I’m pushing the line in my views I wait for a sign to reaffirm for myself that I’m really not.

Hallelujah! Jimmy Carter has spoken! (Via Drudge)

1st the obligatory Cheney is the devil stuff, followed by some adoration for guess who? Ding Ding Ding.. Dr. Rice!

[...] Carter did have kind words in the BBC interview for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

“I’m filled with admiration for Condoleezza Rice in standing up to (Cheney) which she did even when she was in the White House under President George W. Bush,” Carter said, referring to Rice’s former role as White House national security adviser. “Now secretary of state, her influence is obviously greater than it was then and I hope she prevails,” Carter added.

If the king of appeasement is filled with admiration regarding Secretary Rice’s State Department, I know I’m on the right track, yeesh. Baker, Carter, Brezinski, they are all going gaga for Rice’s work of late. Should we expect Rice to press for Hamas Terrorist participation at the Annapolis Summit as they suggest, when she arrives in Israel this coming week? The Bush Doctrine is already seemingly being used as a doormat by the Dept of State, what’s one more little concession?

I’m envisioning a Marine-I type helicopter delivering Hamas terrorists to a grassy knoll somewhere in Annapolis surrounded by mobs of media.. You know, in honor of their official invitation to the big peace summit.

Take a look at Soccer Dad’s power post today, he kindly linked over in this juicy morsel, focusing some skepticism on the reported schism.

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  • Good post. You are right on so many levels. Rice concerns me.