Voice of Israel? Holy Land looking to direct broadcast to Iran

All we are saying, is give our propaganda a chance

You’ve probably heard of Voice of America, well actually maybe not but whatever. It’s the American broadcast service destined for international markets in order to better connect with international friends & get the American message out. Interesting news coming out of an Israeli initiative led by Israel Our Home party leader Avigdor Lieberman, to begin Iranian language broadcasts from Israel to the Islamic repressive regime of Iran.

Strategic Affairs

Avigdor about a year ago was assigned the Iranian portfolio, he is coordinating the many aspects of the task pertaining to dealing with a massively mounting Iranian threat. Clearly beyond the smart bomb is an effort to engender better relations and provide an alternative message in Iran, for the many Iranians who are subject to their oppressive regime, as opposed to big proponents of it.

Haaretz: IBA begins formalizing plans to broadcast news program to Iran

The Israel Broadcasting Authority has begun formalizing a proposal initiated by Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman to broadcast Persian and Azeri language programming to residents of Iran.

The plan is to bring breaking news and reruns to Iranians 24 hours a day via a television channel, a radio station and an internet Web site. The operation is estimated to cost tens of millions of shekels and will be funded upon treasury approval by the budget from Lieberman’s ministry.

The strategic affairs minister met in June with senior European Union figures to discuss a joint initiative to begin the Persian and Azeri broadcasts. Lieberman has met recently with senior figures in the defense establishment, the treasury and the Broadcasting Authority to work out the practicalities of the project. [...]

Link to the US based Voice of America.

Quick update:
Likely Iranian Official Reaction..

Beware the EVIL JOOOOOZ!!!!

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