Rice-Grip: US State Department is choking Israel

Sec. Rice’s ‘over-exhuberance’ proves lethal

Condi has been busy meeting in the Middle-East with all the players in her big push for a peace agreement come November, when the US sponsored ‘summit to end all summits’ takes place. There’s just one problem, it appears as if the teletubbies are handling negotiations.

Take a look at my cards

Rice has made it no secret that the Palestinian statehood push is her number one mission to complete before leaving office, a make it or break it attitude seems to be prevailing and it is endangering Israel. The whole point of winning a peace is a secure Israel, it is behooving to see the US go about it so recklessly. Fox News had a sit down with Rice almost two weeks ago, it covered a massive range of topics but this was a central theme:

US Dept of State / Questions by the Fox News Editorial Board [...]

QUESTION: Yeah, a year and three months. You look at the year ahead; if there’s one last thing you want to accomplish, one big mission that you feel like you need to get done, what is it?

Sec Rice: [...] Secondly, I believe that we have a chance, as a part of — this new Middle East, this different Middle East to sustain and to strengthen this coalition of responsible states and to put the United States in a stronger position to resist Iran. I believe too that as a part of that, we have a chance to make a lot of progress on a Palestinian state, so if you are asking what is most on my mind right now, it’s probably the Israeli-Palestinian dynamics and trying to move that forward. [...]

In order to get some consensus & coalition going via Iran, Israel is being served up to placate the Arab hordes. Worse, with the playing cards all revealed the Palestinians now feel they can hold out for everything & more.. After all, why negotiate when the outcome is being pre-determined by Dr. Rice?

PA: “We have no intention to compromise on any of our rights”

The Jerusalem Post reports on the results of Rice’s many meetings, a Palestinian contingent that has demanded the world & then some because they perceive the sacrificial offering of Israel up by the US State Dept. in a bid to get a deal at any price.

The Palestinians will only participate in the US-sponsored peace conference expected to be held next month if general agreement is first reached with Israel on all the fundamental issues, Palestinian Authority officials here said Monday.They said that in addition to Jerusalem, the borders of the future Palestinian state and the problem of the refugees, the PA was also seeking agreement on water, security and settlements. [...]

The officials also denied that the PA had agreed to discuss an exchange of land with Israel and limiting the number of refugees who would return to Israel proper. They said the PA’s official position remained that Israel must withdraw from all the territories captured in 1967, including east Jerusalem, and that there would be no concessions on the “right of return.” [...]

According to another PA official, the Palestinians want the declaration of principles to include an Israeli commitment to withdraw to the pre-1967 borders. “As President Mahmoud Abbas stated last week, we have no intention to compromise on any of our rights,” he said.

Asked why the PA, which in recent weeks had expressed reservations about the conference, was now sounding more positive, the official said: “When [US Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice was here lately, she told us that the US administration was determined to turn the conference into a successful event. She also promised to exert pressure on Israel to soften its position.” [...]

Members of Israel’s government & opposition have already convulsed at the mention of negotiations on these issues regarding a declaration of principles by the parties. What will the reaction be now when the Palestinians seemingly are not negotiating at all.. on anything.

Israel is being endangered mortally by the push to make a faulty peace with a partner that clearly isn’t too interested in the peace parts, cannot deliver on the security parts, and lastly doesn’t even have a handle on the governing parts?

Rice needs to re-evaluate 

The Palestinians are going to ride the Rice-Grip, and hopefully choke the life right out of Israel regarding this peace summit, and they haven’t even fully committed to showing up yet! The US State Department rushing to cover the massive failure that the diplomacy effort has rought in Iran, with a convenient aperitif – Israel. All the while, the Olmert government is too weak to resist. Israel will negotiate away in vain concessions, which will become facts on the ground like they always do and the end result will be more intense violence.

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