FYI: Final Stroke – Free Falafel for Cox and Forkum

Bad news, superlative Editorial cartoonists Cox&Forkum (one of their cartoons happens to be in a post just below) are moving on. Sad news indeed, I for one will miss their wonderful collaboration making political cartoons immensely.

I’m not much of a drawing talent, but I made this ‘illustrative’ Falafel to symbolize the fact that if they should visit in Israel, the chic pea sandwiches are on me. There’s some Falafel in there and that green stuff is lettuce / salad. The french fry (Israeli secret) and the Humus didn’t come out as I had hoped so they got stuffed further into the ‘sandwich’.. Shit happens, then you draw.

Update to reflect comments, change title..
The following illustration may be disturbing to young children.

Free falafel for Cox&Forkum

  • You ought to pass this off as modern art.

  • LOL – that or Pre-K, take your pick.