Proliferation Parade: Iranian weapons in the hands of terrorists

Looking over some Iranian news imagery of the large Iranian weapons parade last week reveals a not so startling fact.

The missiles are all either;

  • Proliferated towards Iran.
  • Proliferated from Iran.
  • Or both!

It’s a frightening inner view of the veritable fact that rogue terrorist supporting regimes are the world’s worst proliferators, they proliferate weapons to terrorists as illustrated below, and it is not too strong a stretch to imagine the danger of proliferated WMDs as well, hanging like a Sword of Damocles above all our heads.

Produced in Iran, Proliferated to: Hezbollah

Iranian Kosar
Iranian Kosar Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

Two Kosars are believed to have been fired in one volley by Hezbollah in the Lebanon conflict last summer, one struck an Israeli cruiser, the other an Egyptian freighter. President Evil himself is seen in this image, just before leaving to New York last week. These are advanced weapons of the nation state calibre. Hezbollah is not a country, it’s a terror group! Iran possesses an even more advanced version of this weapon now also believed to be in the hands of Hezbollah, the C-802 anti-ship missile. These weapons aren’t fired from your barn, they need infrastructure, radars, trained technicians, officers.. Meaning Iranian Revolutionary Guard (now declared by the US Senate as a terrorist entity in itself).

Produced in Iran, Proliferated to: Hezbollah

Iranian Zelzal
Iranian Zelzal Missiles

Iranian Zelzal-1 / Zelzal-2 missiles with ranges of around 200 km threatened Tel-Aviv in last summer’s Lebanon conflict. As such, the large truck launchers seen above were the 1st & primary targets in the opening 24 hours of Israel’s air campaign against Hezbollah. Most were destroyed immediately, and no Zelzal missiles are believed to have struck at Israel. Look at the size of those things, this raises the term ‘terrorist’ to a whole new level.

Produced in Iran. Proliferated to: Hezbollah

Iranian Fateh Missile
Iranian Fateh-110 Guided Missile

Another large surface to surface missile in the hands of Hezbollah, the guided Fateh-110. Superior range & accuracy for the terrorists over the Zelzal missiles.. These guidance systems & abilities are beyond the Iranians internally, North Korea proliferates the bulk of the know how for this & larger missiles below.

Shahab 3 / Scud
Produced in Iran, Proliferated from: North Korea

Iranian Shahab-3
Iranian Shahab-3 Missile

The 1st Iranian surface to surface missile capable of ranges reaching Israel from Iran itself, without the need of pesky terrorists. Based on the Soviet Scud rockets, widely proliferated and the North Korean No-Dong missile. The Syrians were recently mounting chemical weapons to a weapon of a similar nature with North Korean help when things went bad..

Developed & Produced in Iran, Proliferated from North Korea


 Iranian Ghadr-1
Iranian Ghadr-1 Missiles – Their 1st public displaying.

Brand New Iranian Ghadr Missiles are clearly larger, with even longer range. Produced entirely in Iran with North Korean assistance they also feature a new advanced cone design, making them more accurate and theoretically able of carrying nuclear payloads & multiple warheads.

Whether it be handing them out to terrorists

Or advancing the weapons technologically via North Korea.. Clearly from top to bottom on display the Iranian arsenal is one large proliferation zone, they so are proud of that fact they even parade it.

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