Fallout: Unholy-Alliance celebrates new ‘Kindler, Gentler Jihad’

Cox&Forkum draw it up best, the damage done giving men like Assmad a platform and legitimacy..

Cox & Forkum

The world and the American hard left are swooning.

In the US via memeorandum, Mr Bollinger of Columbia is now under fire not for inviting Assmad to speak, but for being too hard on him!

Via LGF, Weasel points out the usual pages worth of comments from the ‘international community’ at the BBC.. Berating the US, Israel, & praising Assmad, and then Iranian reaction to Assmad’s reception which is blame the Zionists & filthy American neocons of course, much like Assmad himself in his speeches the last two days.

Now we have thanks to this platform and general worldwide insanity / dhimmitude.. A ‘quirky pious guy’ who also happens to be a ‘nutjob in the friendliest nutty sort of way’ instead of the leader of a repressive Islamic regime which is developing nuclear weapons, murdering Americans, threatening genocide to the land & concept of Israel, and the foremost world sponsor of Terrorism including the Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iraq Quds forces.

Free Palestine 

Suddenly the Palestinians, who’s inability to accomplish anything much less wipe their own asses for 60 years now have become ‘the unsung sufferers of European Jew guilt’, the ‘real holocaust’, a rallying reason to blame the Zionists & do away with that ‘shitty little country’ as a matter for legitimate discourse. For Assmad, mission accomplished. For the anti-semites and supposed progressives music in their ears, sweet enough to wash away any harsh tones not from the usual denial of the existence of Israel, but the not so veiled call to stone & hang Homosexuals as well.