Axis Rising / Missile cooperation: All new Iranian Ghadr-1

A few hours before Mahmoud, envoy extraordinaire of Iran went packing off to the ports of NY, Iran held a large military parade / celebration to mark the anniversary of the Iraq / Iran war. On display were the latest Iranian military threats, including the 1st ever public display of Iran’s newest Ballistic Missile, the Ghadr-1.

Ghadr-1 in Iran via AFP

Ghadr-1 on display (Atta Kenare/AFP)

Some believed specs:

  • Class: IRBM Surface to Surface.
  • Range: 2500-3000 km
  • Engines: Base liquid fuel, second stage solid
  • Manufactured in Iran

Quick proliferation: From North Korea to Iran, then Syria

Getting an understanding of what the Ghadr is involves a quick history of Iranian Missiles, along the way one learns of the North Korean proliferation dangers that extend all the way to Syria, where Israel it is believed recently struck WMD / Missile related targets.

Iranian Missile technology is all really North Korean missile technology, which is itself Soviet based tech - Extended by greedy Russian missile experts after the Soviet Union’s collapse who shacked up in N. Korea for luxurious lifestyles in return for missile development. The most famous result of that union has been what is known as: N. Korean NO-DONG & NO-DONG II type Missiles.

Iranian Shahab

The well known Iranian Shahab-3 class of rockets were based on the NO-DONG Korean missiles, this is a more advanced Russian Scud, with range capable of reaching Israel fuelled by liquid propellant. It was of quite a concern in itself, but advances in proliferation have resulted in much more dangerous still Iranian missiles, originally considered more advanced variants of the Shahab-3, but now termed an all new class entirely manufactured within Iran with a host of believed capabilities which bring us to Ghadr-1.

Advanced Shahab-3 / Fajr-3 / Ghadr-1

Last April, Iran tested a new Missile, which was termed at the time Fajr-3. This created some confusion because the Iranians already had a Fajr class of rocket, but they are small Katusha type weapons, nothing resembling the behemoths we are discussing here. What was notable was Iran claimed MIRV capability, radar evading capability, as well as solid-state fuel propulsion for the rocket’s upper stages. Missiles of this size are comprised of multiple stages similar to the rockets sent off into space, at the top is the cone. A MIRV cone is unique in its ability to carry multiple independent warheads, each capable of a different target & guidance – Typically associated with Nuclear Weapon delivery. The Iranians claimed the ability to house 3 warheads in their new cone.

Fajr-3 Advanced Shahab-3

The imagery of this new steerable cone deemed nuclear capable, the Iranian claims of MIRV capability, the seemingly large advance to solid state rocket fuel stages (more portable, rapid, stable) set off some concern that Iran was due to copious North Korean proliferation all too rapidly moving into advanced ballistic missile range. Shortly, the Iranians who are already well at work on the concepts will reach space with their missiles, allowing them true intercontinental ability and the option of dropping independent warheads on at least half the planet via a quick stop in orbit. Add a stage or two to the missile and voila, the Jihad will have entered space, with the ability to:

  • pop satellites up into the nether
  • possibly pop other nation’s satellites down
  • as well as drop munitions on your head whether you may be at work in Washington, or vacationing in London.


The Ghadr looks very much like the rocket tested above, I believe they are in fact one & the same and Iran is now revealing the results of its 24/7 North Korean missile race  push, an advanced Shahab-3B variant now manufactured under a final moniker of Ghadr-1. A long range solid fuel based rocket, with nuclear capability, possibly incorporating MIRV independent warheads, and built in quantity entirely in Iran. This range of missile already puts the Mid-East, Europe & the bulk of the Former SU within Iranian cross-hairs. The Iranians are working with N. Korean tech to add stages and specialized space capable cones, making range issues to strike the West more or less mute.

This is an OFFENSIVE weapon & threat, that carries WMD. In conjunction with the Iranian race to nuclear weapons these new missiles are a most serious development.. Incidentally, the Missile programs are controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards – The group recently proposed as a terrorist entity by the US Dept. of State.

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