HH-135 makes a mystery appearance

Jewish carnival gets hip – With ninjas & pirates all taking over the planet at Facebook, this whole web 2.0 thing is really turning out to be quite handy. Everyone can be hip today, heck even the stodgy blog carnival can get a dose of hipsterim here & there, for instance the latest Haveil Havalim Jewish carnival ‘unauthorized edition’ is making the rounds..

Of course the carnival was due to be on hiatus seeing as the more devout have had appx 12 hours time off in the last two weeks, followed by succot in what seems like a few more hours :)  So consider this to be an underground HH, not as deeply buried as say a crazy mission to seize nuclear materials via commando raid, but rich in hipness nonetheless!

As for me, I’m putting together info on the new Iranian long range ballistic missile unveiled yesterday in Tehran.. This missile has also been ‘underground’ until now, but its appearance has cleared up some previous confusion for me, more in an upcoming post. Should be an interesting week in America, what with Hitler 2.0 visiting and & all.