Coming to America: Assmad Arriveth


The Dark Side 

Uncle Terror rode into NYC where he was speaking today at Columbia University, as well as to the national press club etc.. Seems some cranks in America feel the need to fete the arrival of this cretin to their shores. Here’s some defense of the madman (from Juan Cole apologist by profession) via Memeorandum which has plenty of links.

Using the force..

Expect some video & reactions soon enough I imagine, looking forward to it.

Update: HotAir video of the intro to Assmad’s speech at Columbia by the University President, who promised to be harsh & critical of the honored guest.. Plus the reaction shot from Assmad himself.

What I heard..

I heard portions of the ‘oratory’ on c-span. Assmad blamed the US for pretty much everything on the planet, asserted the honor of questioning historical facts like the Holocaust which warrant further study, disparaged gays & homosexuals by eloquently stating that American fags are special, and there are no progressive open gays in Iran.. This was in respose to ‘why Homosexuals are often  executed or stoned in Iran. Called America in not so many words a world sponsor of terror, blamed a litany of woes on Israel & the lack of resolve with the Palestinian terrorists we live next door to. Preached peace & love to all, as long as they followed along on his terms.

All in all cheer-worthy material for the unholy-alliance between the radical left America / Zionist haters & the Islamic radicals. Was this PR coup and spotlight for this contemptible maniac & his Mullah backers all-together necessary?

Full C-Span video of the Columbia event,

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