Syrian Staging Ground: Tartus detailed as central Axis port of call

The Jerusalem Post has gone the distance with this one:

The secretive Syrian-N. Korean alliance.

Detailing & assembling a plethora of disparate intelligence reports / sources to construct a quick history on the Syrian port of Tartus, where the now suspect freighter sporting North Korean flags & carrying ‘cement’ as suspect cargo was thought to have docked, possibly spurring Israeli action two weeks ago. Jpost details an endless Syrian, North Korean, Iranian and at times Russian involvement in the proliferation of weapons, with a particular highlight on Syria’s Scud ballistic missile programs dating back to the 1st Gulf War.

An extensive accounting of Scud B, C & D deliveries, North Korean built & manned missile factories, Iranian & North Korean scientists, the list is long & deep. The Axis cooperation all the more so. Tartus, port of call, missile base & Axis danger bay. Well worth a read.

Here’s a slightly modified map courtesy of highlighting tartus on the Med. coast.

Tartus in Syria

It is also worth noting that two / three months ago some controversy erupted when it was announced that Russia would be establishing its first permanent base / port in the region since the fall of the Soviet Union, location? Tartus.

YNET Russian Navy to operate from Syria

For first time since fall of Iron Curtain, Russia plans to build permanent bases on Syrian soil as part of large arms deal between two countries. Defense establishment officials fear Russian ships may try to spy on Israel’s weapon systems [...]


YNET: Russia making a comeback

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