‘Hostile Entity’: Which one? Meretz or Gaza

Israel’s cabinet took a small measure against Terrorist controlled Gaza today, voting to declare the area an official ‘Hostile Entity’ meaning it will be sanctioned in a manner of speaking allowing only humanitarian & medical aid from Israel, and setting the stage for the curbing of electric & basic supplies from Israel to the strip in response to further Israeli civilian rocketing by Terrorists from Gaza.

The Hamas terrorists called it a ‘declaration of war’, which is amusing if one considers Hamas has been at war with Israel since its founding.

The Right of center parties in Israel called it ‘inadequate’, while the ultra left bordering on treasonous Meretz party less amuzingly¬†accused Israel of ‘whitewashing war-crimes in Gaza’, while calling for immediate dialog with the terrorists in order to I gather straighten things out and politely ask them to stop trying to murder our citizens. (YNET)

All of which begs the question..
Which is the more hostile entity to Israel? Hamas, or the Meretz party?


CondiliciousUpdate: Rice visiting in Israel declares:
Hamas ‘a hostile entity’..

Hamas declares Rice is a ‘Black Snake’

One of incidentally numerous racist slurs aimed at Condi by the Palestinians since her entrance to the American political spectrum as head of the NSA & now Sec. of State. Both targeting her race, and femininity at times.