Syrian Strike: Where’s the beef?

Where you at!?

I got an email this afternoon from a Canuck friend that reads here at the hash asking if I was going to update on the mysterious Syrian strike, people are obviously hungry for this. Since this is being widely blogged about, my buddy was concerned I may be slacking on Israeli military issue punditry which is something I do rather well.

In reality right now I have nothing to add, in fact the flurry of articles in the last 2-3 days also have had nothing to add except for some rather poor speculation about boats, facilities, Hezbollah, the stuff is all over the place, worse the speculation is sourced from some of the sketchiest places possible, Yourish points this out regarding this Sunday Times article.

Other articles being blogged are from the Observer, the Guardian etc - decidedly some of the WORST places to get Middle-East news, especially re Israel. Some of the better blogs I read are pre-facing any roundtabling re these articles with ‘it’s being reported that’ <– a sure sign that what is being reported is probably schlockish in nature.. I cannot disagree with my bigger peers on the issue. Worse, most of the articles are all re-reporting what one or two broke with, which means a golden rule is broken, it’s all from probably a single source somewhere, until some meat is added we may be dealing with fizz, I don’t like that fizzy feeling personally.

This news is a week old 

I put my post up about this about a week ago when it was breaking news, I was mindful that we had very little info, I hope that came across in the post. It was sourced from Israeli news which is at least credible some of the time lol - Since then nothing has happened much noteworthy and wheels are just spinning. Pajamas Media had a good post, and rightfully posted similarly that we don’t know what happened right now, when we do I’ll be sure to chime in with not 2 cents, but a full nickel.

When people who couldn’t tell an F-16 from an F-15 if it were parked right in front of them start posting about military secrets & nuclear facilities, talking about fallout, exploding nuclear bombs that should ‘go off’ when hit, WMD & where are the mushroom clouds!?.. It’s time to sit on the sidelines.

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