Elbaradei: Doing Gd’s work!?

HotAir has a beauty about SuperChief up, man I love to rail on about SuperChief.. I didn’t realize however he’s gotten this crazy for coco-puffs.

The NYT profiled the ‘savior of the world’ and AllahPundit has the review, nice to know Iran’s nuclear ambitions are being stemmed by a man who is apparently ‘dazzled by his own destiny‘ and ‘acting like a child‘. I examined the phenomena here last week, but this Allahpunditry is well worth a read, if only for the shock & awe of it all..

And here I thought this guy was the only nuclear flunky with the messiah complex, what is it with these guys!? Too much radiation exposure?


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  • Keep up the good work…we’re watching, reading, and learning…

  • Thx Butch – that makes two of us..
    Nice blog btw.

    (I hate it when the ice in my Coke dilutes the drink..)