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The NYT which was the source of all the speculation & rumors now swirling wildly, updated with a piece shedding a bit of light on sources, and the now intense pressure being brought to bear on Syria & North Korea, with six party nuclear talks apparently on hold now.

Yesterday I posted there was too much spin, no meat, so today I’m going to scoop a little grizzle with what I believe is a blockbuster scoop below – Because we’re all looking in the wrong direction imho..

This passage is worthy of mention for some still very murky insight as to what has possibly gone on.


The American and Israeli officials said the Israeli government notified the Bush administration about the planned attack just before the raid. It is not clear whether administration officials expressed support for the action or counseled against it.

The raid has aroused intense speculation in Washington and Jerusalem, but details remain extraordinarily murky. Officials said access to new intelligence about suspected North Korean support to Syria has been confined to a very small group of officials in Washington and Jerusalem.

The details of the Israeli intelligence remain highly classified, and the accounts about Israel’s thinking were provided by current and former officials who are generally sympathetic to Israel’s point of view. It is not clear whether American intelligence agencies agree with the Israeli assessment about the facility targeted in the raid, and some officials expressed doubt that Syria has either the money or the scientific talent to initiate a serious nuclear program.

But current and former American and Israeli officials who have received briefings from Israeli sources said Monday that the raid was an attempt by Israel to destroy a site that Israel believed to be associated with a rudimentary Syrian nuclear program. [...]

Read the whole article, it’s very interesting, though no actual senior US or Israeli officials seem willing to confirm or deny much of anything even anonymously, which means there is interpretation going on from former officials out of the loop and this is fairly evident reading the article.

Devil is in the details.. 

Meanwhile in the Axis corner Syria is denying any nuclear whatevers, and North Korea may be suddenly regretting opening its big trap to comment on these events last week and is in full denial mode as well. They are supposed to be dismantling their program, not Fedex’ing it to other Axis members..

Syria: U.S. nuclear claims are ‘false,’ biased toward Israel (Haaretz)

Here’s the REAL story in my own opinion

There’s not much mention of Iran in the piece above, if speculation thus far is the rule of the game and it certainly is, one might speculate that it is much more likely nuclear technologies would be destined eventually for Iran via Syria, much in the exact same way that Russian exported weapons have been flowing, with the Iranians paying & the Syrians receiving. Adding some sizzle is the small unreported mention this past week that Iran intends to ‘invest’ 10 billion dollars in Syria over the coming 5 years..

Invest? Pray tell what are they ‘investing’ in? 10 Billion is an awfully big sum, the kind of money you’d expect to pay for nuclear weapons technologies.. Let’s find out.

(Iranian PressTV)

Iran to invest $10 bn in Syria Fri, 14 Sep 2007 03:00:24

Acting minister: Iran, Syria have signed investment MoU.

Tehran has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Damascus to invest 10 billion US dollars in Syria in the next five years.

IRNA reported that Iran’s acting minister of Mines and Industries, Ali-Akbar Mehrabian, said on Thursday that the Memorandum of Understanding has been approved by Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad.

Mehrabian who returned from Damascus on Thursday, visited Syria at the invitation of his Syrian counterpart, Fuad Isa Juni.

During his two-day stay in Damascus, Mehrabian met with Prime Minister Muhammad Naji al-Utri and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, to whom he submitted a message from President Ahmadinejad.

The acting minister also visited industrial projects undertaken by Iranian experts in Syria, including automobile and cement production plants.

Mehrabian stated that Iran has 16 projects in Syria with a total value of over one billion US dollars adding, “The Iranian, and Syrian governments are determined to accomplish their joint projects in collaboration with the private sector.”

Now the boat being mentioned everywhere as shadowed by Israeli intelligence, including the NYT article above was listed as having cement as part of its cargo manifest, which is widely being speculated to mean actually nuclear materials. The Iranians are investing towards Syria billions in guess what? Cement factories. It seems if we are speculating, we are speculating erroneously that the Syrians are developing nuclear technologies for their own specific use.

More likely the Syrians are putting together back up facilities, technologies & materials for the Iranians via a North Korean back-channel, just as they do regarding Russian weapons. Perhaps to speed Iranian development, perhaps as part of the Iranian shadow program that the IAEA can’t seem to figure out, perhaps as a safe-haven should the US or Israel strike, the reasons for this are plentiful.

This makes much more sense than anything we’ve been reading until now about a new Syrian nuclear push from the ground up. Of course, I’m just speculating – but just like the Americans in the Gold Rush, when you got your pick-axe out and your speculatin.. It’s sometimes handy to get there first ;)

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  • Welcome fellow Hotair / Malkin readers – Please feel at home..

    Yesterday AllahP had a headline about Olmert ingratiating himself to Syria by offering what seemed like an odd thing in retrospect, dialog at any time for peace. That does seem odd since it was his first statement about Syria since the alleged bombing.

    Mulling it over, if Israel happened to have maybe in actuality bombed Iran & North Korea – just on Syrian territory, that statement makes a tiny bit more sense. Of course it’s still wacky, but somewhat less wacky than such an offer to a country who’s nuke program you just bombed outright.

    A curious addition to the speculation fest.