License to kill: Olmert’s Govt of convenience

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Though the fancy Intel Core2 Duo was developed here in the Holy Land, it appears on the surface as if we’re incapable of multi-tasking in Israel. Moshe Arens, that supremely effective former civilian defense minister blasts the government’s shaky excuse for not tackling Hamastan in Gaza because it might mean a two front war.

Arens, reminds everyone that for the better part of its existence Israel has been fighting, two, three, and even more front wars, and mocks the government for elevating the terrorists in Gaza to holding the status of their own ‘front’, as if they were Genghis Khan come again.

Haaretz: A license to kill – By Moshe Arens

To the innumerable excuses the Olmert government has offered for not using ground troops to push the Qassam rockets launched from the Gaza Strip out of range, and finally fulfilling its obligation to provide security to the Israeli citizens in Sderot and the neighboring settlements, has now been added another lame excuse: We do not want to open a second front, in addition to the one up north. After all, we do not want to get caught fighting a two-front war. [...]

In essence, what government spokesmen are suggesting is that as long as Syria or Hezbollah in Lebanon represent a potential threat we cannot deal effectively with the Qassam attacks in the south. If you add the concern for what is happening in Iran, the children in Sderot may never be able to go to school in safety. [...]

Aa usual Moshe is on target, the IDF having kidnapped Shalit’s abductor, and now having played fighter-bomber tag in Syria is claiming that Israel’s battered deterrence has been restored after the Lebanon failings. That concept plays well with our shaky public’s current confidence in light of the supremely ineffective government lording over us, but in reality it seems that the guys holding the deterrence sit in Syria, Iran & Hamastan. As long as all of them or even one of them threaten, arm, rocket;  or all of the above, it seems we will be powerless to act lest we risk opening up any fronts. If you do the math it becomes evident quickly we are the one’s being deterred.. From protecting ourselves.

How many Rabbits you got in there? 

Ehud Barak better have more (dont’ misunderstand I am first in line to applaud daring missions) edge of your seat thrill rides for us in his war chest, we will need one a week at this rate in order to forget the fact that all around the Holy Land, the Axis of Evil is scheming & plotting our destruction. Neither Barak nor anyone else believes a few Special OPS missions have dealt with the threats facing Israel by establishing insurmountable deterrence, if anything they need to be the opening rounds in some rather large less mysterious salvos.. On yes, multiple fronts.

Mission Accomplished

You don’t establish deterrence by patting yourself on the back, or announcing we have it again on TV  - You do so by showing the willingness to do the hard things like tackling the terrorist hornets nest to protect Israeli school children in Sderot, you do it by showing that no matter how many threats and how many fronts, nothing will stop the Jewish State from defending Jewish life at all costs. Anything less is a government of convenience in these parts.

Soccer Dad ponders - Did Israel get its groove back?

I think a better question might be, who turned off the music in the 1st place?

Update 2: Sept 18th

Haaretz editorial comments that Israeli Military Intelligence claim that deterrence has been restored was premature -

 Military Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin’s statement that Israel has restored its deterrence capabilities was premature. Deterrence is a fine and encouraging word, but it is difficult to measure. It is much easier to detect and measure complacency and self-satisfaction. [...]

Israel’s deterrence is measured day in and day out in the western Negev, as well. Hundreds of Qassam rockets from Gaza strike the region every month, with Israel unable to come up with a deterrent response. The vulnerability of the Israeli home front cannot easily be forgotten either. Neither can the threat of the suicide bombers, who find nothing deterring. [...]

All very logical, then the obligatory Haaretz left tilt delusion gets stuck in there as a throw in near the end .. The point is made warning against excessive self-satisfaction which is a fine point indeed, but why use these out there examples!?

Excessive self-satisfaction has led Israel’s past governments to numerous failures. It has made the nation’s leadership think time is working in our favor. It has persuaded our leaders to miss out on opportunities, to wantonly set up settlements in areas which were supposed to serve as bargaining chips. It compelled Jerusalem to postpone giving back the West Bank to Jordan’s King Hussein when he still wanted it back. [...]

Measuring historically 

Whatever the case may be, this is the beginning of the road, not the end to restoring shattered deterrence in Israel. Israel must return to the lofty era between 1967 and the mid 80′s when it was a source for strength, it must return to the brief flashes we saw with operation Homat Magen / Defensive Shield under Ariel Sharon when the IDF did what many considered impossible, it returned to vacated Oslo territories to route out terror in force. When the enemy is vanquished we can seek the REAL peace (Daled Amos).

The deterrence was so overpowering the Palestinians most senior advisers & representatives went into full panic mode yelling blood libel and faux massacre. Their leader was imprisoned in his compound with the IDF parked outside, he was unwilling to move until his own death of old age / disease. That’s when we know we have deterrence, it is read on the eyes of the enemy, not in the backslapping gestures of our politicians or generals. When the Hamas men return to hiding in their holes for fear of being struck in broad daylight, as opposed to boldly seizing entire sections of Israeli border territory by force, or launching rockets daily at our civilians - We can maybe speak again of deterrence.


If something serious was hit, something related to nuclear technologies or proliferation then yes it is a source for some pride that we have capabilities to detect that are second to none, as well as the hardware & skill to intercede. But at the same time the fact that we need to intercede against something so utterly dangerous & unthinkable is testament to the near non-existent deterrence we currently have, and the need to boslter it post haste.

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