Islam’s Finest: Iranian police beat / parade enemies of the state

Religion of Peace:

A quick photo essay released by Iran’s state controlled media of Iranian Police / Ninjas roughing & rounding up civilians who don’t ‘conform’ to Islamist standards. Hard to tell how much is staged here as in Iran the Mullah’s control everything. Safe to say you don’t want to be caught with your beard not in Islamic order or wearing a western tank-top lest you be ‘flogged’ or worse..

Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 13 – Iranian authorities have stepped up arrests of young people in the city of Karaj, west of the capital Tehran, as part of a nationwide “plan to eradicate corruption”. Dissidents charge that Tehran’s clerical rulers are fiercely cracking down on youths disenchanted with the government’s repressive policies rather than on “trouble-makers”.

Arrested dissident
Don’t look now but the boot of ‘Iranian’ justice is coming for you.

Arrested dissident 
The Iranians are BIG on Human Rights, Louise Arbour the UN’s own human rights czar was all smiles, sipping tea & eating crumpets (LGF) with Iranian leaders just this past week promoting one assumes her own deluded version of ‘human rights’.. Fine job she’s doing.

Iranian Ninja
Comforting knowing these Iranian ‘Police’ are only a baton away if you should need them to twack a few teenagers silly.

Foreign Media haul
Up on the roof-tops, can’t tell exactly but that big bin appears to be smashed up antennas.. Satellite dishes, non sanctioned media, anything not strictly controlled is not allowed in the Islamic State of freedom, radical Islam will set you free – Provided your notion of freedom is state fed propaganda and an orwellianesque life style. Don’t fear little dhimmi! Iran is watching over you, literally..

More crimes against Islam  

The men in black taking this poor guy away, he’s clearly dangerous – I doubt he completed all 5 prayers that day, hang him and be done with it.

All these dangerous corrupted individuals were blindfolded and herded off to who knows where, thank goodness the state media was there to capture the events. Everyone can sleep soundly in Iran tonight knowing Islam is once again safe thanks to the fine fine work of the Iranian storm troopers. I feel better already..

UPDATE: Headline of the Day!

Louise Arbour whom I chastised above had this golden nugget for us today…

U.N. official: Iran should stop executing children (via the focus )

The Associated Press GENEVA (AP) – Iran should immediately halt the execution of children, the U.N.’s top human rights official said Monday. Louise Arbour, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights, said she met with Iranian officials during a visit to Tehran earlier this month and urged them to impose a moratorium on the execution of minors.

“Even if the legislation in the books appears to permit the imposition of the death penalty on minors … it would be imperative that they not be executed,” she told journalists in Geneva. Iran is one of the few countries in the world that executes minors, in violation of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. [...]

Divine comedy, Dante would be proud. She met with the thugs (uh, officials) in Tehran and has come out with this tough talking golden nugget a week later. Ya think!? I’m crazy about this woman I really am! You go girl..

‘It’s imperative children not be hung, even if Iran has laws that allows this sort of thing’.. You know, being the example of shinning light for Human Rights that Iran is known as world wide, it’s important that they set a good example by only hanging older people for sport, this is a big step forward – Just ask the guy with the boot on his head up there.

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  • Israel of course has very good human rights. you post a few pictures of people getting arrested for reasons you dont know, in order to prove what? that iran is bad or muslems are bad. I am an iranian, honestly i dont know why you like to antagonize us. the holocaust was one of the worst events in history, committed by the german sons of bitches. I feel jews should channel their negative energy against them (germans/europeans) not us. we have never had problems with jews before, like Europeans did. the iranian government has issues like most governments do, and the statements they make about israel is hot air, just like the statements israel make about iran is mostly hot air. israel uses iran to get more aid money and weapons from the US, and iran uses israel for its own political gains.

  • H @ M ! D

    first my english is bad & so srry :D
    I’m Mr.X . I’m macro nightmare of u
    u attacked & killled peoples in countries & u are truly terrorists .
    ready do u think is paradise or hell is jock from god ?
    u will see truth of God power and u saw in 3 days ago . remember that
    iranian soldiers & special force are good people and these guys in pics attacked people and
    soldiers . some of them are terrorist and u know better than me ( Israel & USA )
    Israel people if u don’t stop your works so soon u will see really Big nightmare and yor place is in hell and really god don’t want these and if u continue god will make your placement in Hell not paradise and this is your Judgment .
    all countries have some bad peoples and no all know this . if u have some pics
    why u don’t tell truth to all ? realy u maked me so angry , why u are jock in the world ?
    Last Days of the World Coming Soon and this is not jock .
    see u soon !!! :D

  • Alimohajerd

    I’m in love with Iran Vayranyan

  • Aliahmadi

    its israel human right

  • Aliahmadi

    its israel human right

  • Aliahmadi

    its israel human right