BBC: We’ll get you damn Jews

Updating the BBC 9/11 story - which is a frightening glimpse into the clearly partisan, and frankly grotesque worldview of the tax payer funded BBC.

For the initial controversy regarding the BBC indoctrinating & brainwashing young children to hate America & praise radical Islam please see the post below; BBC: We’re coming after your children next.

As an update –  The convoluted affair has now resulted in a changed 9/11 guide, this being now the 3rd version of the page. It is milder yet still poor in my own opinion, but whatever. Clearly at the BBC moral equivalence is par for the course, Al-Qaeda world reviled & recognized mass murdering terrorists cannot be termed as such, as cultural & moral relativism not too mention the endless Islamist sympathy seeping out of every pore of the BBC dictates that terrorists & America stay on equal footing, that judgement on mass murdering 3000 civilians be totally withheld.

The BBC’s version of reality being a nihilists wet dream come true and a shining example of the root causes for the decline of our Western civilization. Simply put the BBC is staffed by radically liberal maniacs, who’s sympathies clearly lie openly in the unholy-alliance between progressives and radical Islamists.

In case you feel differently, that is that the BBC is not an American hating, Israel bashing, group of Jew hating Islamist sympathizers - but actually an unbiased source for news, here’s a portion of the original 9/11 guide version 1. Where the Muslim apologist worldview is presented fully unvarnished, and where the real institutional wide sickness that pervades the BBC can be viewed openly.

That is that Israel, the Jews, and their American slaves caused 9/11, Israel mentioned 3 times in less than 100 words, blame it all on the Jews because the Arabs & the Islamic terrorists are always innocent & paragons of virtue at the BBC.. Sig Heil huh BBC?

Frankly the anti-semitism speaks for itself:

BBC explains to children: Israel & Jews guiding meddlesome America caused 9/11 to happen

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