Terror Center: Montreal, terror capitol of North America

The RCMP (Canada’s equivalent to the FBI) has arrested a Montreal area man involved in yet another international plot to commit terror.

CTV- Quebecer arrested in connection with terror plot

VIENNA, Austria — A 35-year-old Quebec resident has been arrested in connection with an alleged threat to bomb targets outside Canada. The RCMP says Said Namouhwas arrested yesterday in Maskinonge, Quebec, northeast of Montreal. Namouh faces conspiracy charges and is slated to make a court appearance in Montreal tomorrow morning. RCMP say he was arrested in connection with an Austrian investigation into an online threat against Austria and Germany.

Austrian authorities say they rounded up three alleged al Qaeda sympathizers earlier this week — two men and a woman, all Austrian citizens in their 20s and of Arab origin. They believe the three are linked with a video that surfaced in March threatening to attack Germany and Austria unless the two countries withdrew their personnel from Afghanistan.

Perfect Storm 

Montreal is traditionally a port / gateway city that now features an exploding Arabic & Muslim population. Fancying itself ‘European’, the city sports liberal bordering on criminally lax security, a native french population that is radically left, & thus naturally sympathetic to so called ‘resistance’ and anti-Americanism, while harboring at the same time deep antithesis to religion, Israel and Jews in particular. Quebecers are statistically speaking the most anti-Semitic population group in Canada.

During last summer’s Lebanon conflict with Hezbollah tens of thousands marched in the city in support of the terror group, including prominent Quebec politicians. Quebec’s population has never supported the Afghanistan mission, or the liberation of Iraq. The city has been featured as one of the leading grounds for terror fundraising & recruiting on the North American continent, and is ceaselessly in the news due to the fact that it is both a breeding ground for terrorists, as well as a convenient safe-haven.

Who? Us? 

But if you were to ask Government officials, law enforcement, or the average Quebecer they would deny it all.. Unfortunately the facts speak for themselves. Please see the following posts for an endless litany of embarrassing and dangerous terror ties featuring Quebec & Montreal, the terror capitol of North America, and this is just the tip of the iceberg:

Update: Some Montrealers prefer to exhibit denial.. Who Us!?

A local Montreal message board (MTLURB) picked up the post with some interesting conversation, of course the message board put the post in almost in its entirety, except for the links at the bottom with the NUMEROUS examples, news articles, & sourcing of the endless tirade of Montreal incidents involving terrorism in order to generate some unfounded rage. Which of course, caused one local to lament in french how this is the 1st time a Montreal area person has been associated / arrested regarding radical Islamist inspired terrorism – Convenient, but unfortunately factually quite incorrect.

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  • Samuel

    Hi, I am a jewish man living in Montreal and find this article highly misinformed and biased.

    You forgot to mention that the worse terrorist plot in Canada happened in the GTA ( you already forgot?) with people recruited in the GTA. The scheme planned killing Stephen Harper, and bombing several canadian landmarks.
    Also, several extremist muslim organisations(tamouls, shiks, pakistanese expats, etc) are located in the so-called Gorden Horse Shoe area.

    None of these organisations are significantly present in Montreal or Quebec.

    Since the FLQ events in the 70s, no terror plot was organised in Quebec in the scale of what was planned in Toronto, THE real terror capital of canada. I could also mention organised jamaican gangs, asian mob and such.

    There is a big jewish community in Montreal which doesn't support your way of thinking. I will report this to BritNai to see their position on this matter.


  • Hi Samuel, how is it misinformed? The news articles speak for themselves, what we are dealing with here is facts, because it may be uncomfortable for you to acknowledge these facts for whatever reason does not alter their reality.

    What is my way of thinking? That Montreal is a major port of entry for terrorist sympathizers / funders?

    It is. CSIS, the FBI, Homeland Security, the Media.. Everyone can agree except for Montrealers. Maybe a few more Jewish Children's libraries, or Jewish institutions need to be firebombed for you to acknowledge reality Sam, read the linked articles they contain a dozen examples of montreal related terror plots / events. They outnumber toronto 6 to 1.

  • Samuel

    A Toronto muslim man was charged yesterday for killing his daughter refusing to wear the Hijab. he was quoted as beeing an extremist. Not the kind of thing that happens in Montreal.