BBC: We’re coming after your children next

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The depravity of this pitiful News organization can’t get any lower than it already has. Here’s the BBC explaining to children all about 9/11, so they can grow up to be good little terrorists. Beyond the useful service they are providing worldwide to fuel rampant Anti-Americanism, rampant Anti-Semitism, is there any reason for this Islamist outfit to exist any more? It is certainly not a suitable place to get news, even for the kiddies it seems..

Shamed in the UK 

I’m surprised they didn’t mention the Jooz involvement in the whole affair.

(it’s actually now 9/13 here in Israel – Happy New Year :)

GONEZO – BBC admits 9/11 explanation totally inappropriate, and removes / re-writes their youngin guide on 9/11. The still above is now an archived record of what was. I’ve not read the new version so far, I had a big holiday dinner and I’m not ready to puke just yet.

hat tip to the always smokin Atlas Shrugs, plus she’s got more..
(ain’t that the truth lol.)

Uhh, the page was removed, and now has been put back..
In its original form!

Stop the ACLU has the details

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