OPERA II?: North Korean nuclear materials given to Iran, Syria?

Alarming Axis of Evil escalation?

NYT reports Israel found nuclear facilities / materials in Syria
EYE in the Sky – Possible North Korean proliferation; IDF spots handed Nuclear materials to Iran, Syria? more below.

BREAKING: IAF performed mission of ‘critical importance’ in Syria
Channel One Israel confirms an IAF Strike; more below.

Speculation & Rumor mill spinning with EXPLOSIVE information.

Large, important target.’

Mabat / Channel One on IAF Strike

Israel Channel One  last night reported on the air strike in Syria, fairly confirming a major attack took place. Yoav Limor, perhaps the country’s foremost respected military affairs media figure reported on the astounding official silence within Israel, and the fact that this mission seems to have been of such critical importance it trounced the need to maintain calm on the Israeli / Syrian front which has been teetering on the brink of war.

F15-Is supersonically ‘Thunder’ deep into Syria;
Leaving a ‘smoking hole’ in the desert

Channel One reported on the use of Israel’s long range Iranian threat defeater the F-15I Raam / Thunder, Israel’s most advanced fighter bomber procured specifically for long range ground interdiction missions against the Iranian nuclear threat. Earlier speculation on targets has included Iranian weapons destined for Hezbollah, the report stressed that the Syrians were intent on hiding whatever was hit due to its absolutely sensitive nature, and Israel was willing to risk it seems war itself to strike.

F15-I Raam / Thunder - The most lethal critical long arm of the IAF

NYT: North Korean Proliferation to Iran & Syria?

Israel believes that North Korea has been supplying Syria and Iran with nuclear materials, a Washington defense official told the New York Times. “The Israelis think North Korea is selling to Iran and Syria what little they have left,” he said. The official added that recent Israeli reconnaissance flights over Syria revealed possible nuclear installations that Israeli officials estimate might have been supplied with material from North Korea.

According to the Times, American officials confirmed Tuesday that Israeli jets launched an air-strike inside Syria. Sources said that Israel struck at least one target in northeastern Syria, but could not provide more details. The most likely target was, according to some administration officials, weapon caches sent by Iran to Hizbullah through Syria.

North Korea makes an odd appearance on the scene..
Commenting on Israeli Syrian relations? Or perturbed over ‘destroyed’ materials?

North Korea commented on the incident Tuesday, calling it a “dangerous provocation”, Chinese News Agency Xinhua reported on Tuesday. “This is a very dangerous provocation little short of wantonly violating the sovereignty of Syria and seriously harassing the regional peace and security,” a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said. “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea strongly denounces the above-said intrusion and extends full support and solidarity to the Syrian people in their just cause to defend the national security and the regional peace.”

What was hit? Why is North Korea involved in denouncing Israel in the region and are these events all related? In the early 80′s Israel, in a now famous operation codenamed ‘Opera’struck deep into Iraq utilizing at the time brand new F-16 fighters to destroy Saddam’s Osirak nuclear reactor. The operation was condemned widely around the world, only later to be praised.

Israel’s recent foray into Syria has not garnered much condemnation whatsoever, do Western & European intelligence agencies know something we do not? Has Israel indeed found evidence of N. Korean nuclear materials flowing to Iran & Syria, If so a strike would surely be carried out.

What was hit in Syria?

Hezbollah long range munitions? Nuclear facilities? Nuclear materials? No matter what the target, the stakes are clearly rising alarmingly across the Middle East and additional conflict cannot be far behind. Gaza is now a Jihadist terrorist mini-state, Hezbollah is re-arming, Iran is on the nuclear path and fighting a proxy war in Iraq, Syria with possibly secret nuclear facilities, North Koreans and missile as well a nuclear technology proliferation.. Billions of dollars worth of Russian arms flowing into the region.

Axis Rising

These are not isolated events, they are all tied to what six years ago the President of the United States termed an Axis of Evil. He has since been mocked endlessly, but I can assure you here on the front lines of the Global Jihad – No one is laughing.

JPOST: ‘Israel was gathering intel on suspected nuclear facilities’
Haaretz: NY Times: IAF recently photographed nuclear facilities in Syria

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