Jewish New Year rings in on ‘Highest State of Alert’

If you are travelling in Israel to be with loved ones, the usually notoriously difficult roads will perhaps be even a bit more trying as security in Israel is at its highest state of alert for the holidays. Ynet reports that security officials have at least 8 specific indications of terror attacks and ‘dozens of general indications of possible shooting and rocket attacks, suicide bombings and kidnapping attempts‘. Equally, the Gaza & Northern borders are on heightened alert due to Syrian & Hamas tensions.

Police & security presence.. West Bank closures.

YNET: [...] During the closure, large police forces are expected to patrol crowded public places, such as markets, shopping malls and bus stationsCome Wednesday evening, security forces are to shift their focus to synagogues. Since Rosh Hashana and the beginning of Ramadan overlap, Jerusalem Police has been especially reinforced: Thousands of policemen will be deployed in the city’s streets, assuring those who wish to pray at the Western Wall or Temple Mount are able to do so safely. [...]

Alerts Abroad..

Alert has also been boosted at Israeli embassies and consulates abroad, particularly in security-sensitive countries and diplomatic staff members were instructed to stay on high alert. Similarly, security has been tightened around Jewish institutions and synagogues.

Please have a safe, wonderfully sweet New Year but be vigilant!
Palestinian terrorists & radical Islamic scum are on the hunt everywhere.

In any case, of course a very dear Shana Tova u Metuka from the Hashmonean! I hope & pray this coming year 5768 in the Hebrew calendar will bring lots of honey for you & yours!