Video: House Hearings with General Petraeus

C-Span has updated with video on the joint House hearings featuring General ‘you slimeballs are real bastards‘ Petraeus. He was testifying before the House Armed Services committee, and the House Foreign Affairs committee.

Here are links to the hearings pretty much in full, these are each approx 3hrs long.

CSPAN: House hearing part I (requires realplayer)
CSPAN: House hearing part II (requires realplayer)

This is a link to partial video without some of the long winded statements from committee members -
The esteemed General’s opening statement  which is appx 30 mins (requires realplayer).

Update: This I did not know..
Petraeus compares Al-Quds forces to Hezbollah – States it is becoming clearer Iran intends to employ these forces as a new Hezbollah type force against America.