Let’s Roll: Time to Liquidate Leaders; Pound Gaza

On this terrible anniversary of September 11th, let’s draw inspiration from our friends who also sought to protect our precious freedoms..

Let’s Roll

The Qassam attack this morning (Jpost) that injured over 65 young IDF recruits cannot go unanswered, further the fact remains that nearly two years of Gaza provocations equally cannot go unanswered and that’s precisely what has gone on. It is all fine & dandy that the Olmert Govt. seeks to give concessions & bolster Abbas in order to save its own skin, or placate the EU & State Department, but the Government doesn’t serve the government, and it surely does not serve the EU - It serves the citizens of the State of Israel.

Sderot, the IDF, our deterrence, the casualty list keeps growing due to the terrorist state in Gaza. To say nothing of the 5000+ traumatized former Israeli residents of the territories we mistakenly vacated. The goal was to rid ourselves of the Palestinian’s self-made cesspool there, we told ourselves we must be men enough to move out for the betterment of the State. We now must be men enough to admit the tactic failed and we require a strong hand instead.

Pound Gaza

No donkey carts this time, no subterfuge, yes Gaza civilians will likely pay a terrible price, but they have chosen the path of Hamas.. Let them walk that path with all the minefields along the way, they should bear the full responsibility of that choice as we all do – Such is the way of democracies, it’s a lesson they will need to learn before they can be considered part of the World community, whether they like it or not. We already know the World will not like it, screw them. In the end that’s exactly what they have in store for us so we should beat them to the punch.

Last resort? We’re there. 

We cannot waver when Gazans are injured and they will be, if they mingle with & support terrorists, stand by while crimes are committed on our civilians then they are civilian combatants injured in war time, yes civilians are killed in wars and we must stop making excuses for that fact. It is enough putting the welfare of Gazan civilians over our own, this is a sickness best left to the cancerous Meretz supporters.

Yes the IDF may likely also pay a difficult price, but our army is not for posterity, it is tasked with defending the Jewish State just as the government is.. We need defense, we need it now. We needed it in fact months ago..

Updated below: Olmert Govt wimping out

Yishai, Lieberman – End the pandering

Shas leader Eli Yishai is quoted today stating;

YNET – “The hourglass has long since run out, a red line has been crossed,” said Deputy Prime Minister Eli Yishai, a staunch believer that Qassams are a result of the Israeli disengagement. A military operation in Gaza, he said, was unavoidable. Yishai also said Israel should refrain from participating in the upcoming US-led peace summit: “This is not the time for empty gestures – and this is not the time to attend an international conference. I want a summit that will result in peace, not war.” [...]

Tough words, you’re right Eli, in fact you should start by quitting the government as all you have done so far is bring us to these red lines with your hand out for benefits while sitting in that big Knesset chair. I have little sympathy seeing as your own actions have contributed to this disaster, show a little leadership instead of artificially supporting this travesty of a government. Mr Lieberman, you at least are handling the Iranian portfolio. It’s an important task that I least of all want to see possibly compromised, but you too have decisions to make. Pull your support & coalesce right with the Likud, Shas & other religious parties and let’s end this farce.

It’s a new year in Israel

Let’s start by showing the Gazans just how different this new year will be.

More updates – YNET

National Union-NRP member Effie Eitan calls for Shas / Israel Our Home both to resign from the Government, while feckless Olmert officials backtrack..

No operation possible:

We don’t expect another ‘Operation Defensive Shield’ following the incident in Zikim – but the IDF has already responded and will continue to act against the terror infrastructure and its leaders,” said officials in Jerusalem ahead of Olmert’s meetings.

“It would be problematic to carry out a major operation now of all times, as a reaction to the attack on IDF soldiers – after all, there were civilians wounded in the past as well. We should not create a situation where it appears that the army is only defending its soldiers. Alongside this we must also remember that there are still tensions in the north,” they said, adding that in any case a large-scale operation would likely wait until after the upcoming Jewish holidays. [...]

Likud blasts Government:

Likud faction chairman, MK Gideon Sa’ar, slammed Olmert’s reaction. “Olmert’s government, which continues to release terrorists from prison and promise Abbas new concessions and withdrawals, refuses to face reality and deal with a Hamas nation in Gaza,” he said. “A military operation, with the inclusion of ground forces, is unavoidable in sealing with the surge in rocket fire against Israel and the strengthening of Hamas in Gaza – primarily due to the unfiltered flow of arms into the Strip. The longer we wait for such an operation, the higher the price we will have to pay to complete it.”

Meanwhile Islamic Jihad gloats over attack:
‘We targeted the soldiers and knew the result..’

Hamas: Victory from Gd (Jpost)

A Hamas spokesman praised Tuesday’s rocket attack on an Israeli army base, calling it a “victory from God.”  

“We consider this a victory from God for the resistance,” Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said on Hamas radio. “We consider the resistance as the legitimate right of the Palestinians to defend themselves and restore their rights.” [...]

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