Canada: Don’t Shariaround here no more

Controversy from my former diggs..

I'm here to vote - It's my 5th time today!You may have heard that a recent ruling would allow fully covered adherents to Islam to vote incognito without showing their faces at any time or matching up ID. I feel the need to come to Canucky defense because I know the real deal and it’s not what it might seem on the surface.

Elections Canada passed the ruling, this is a Govt bureaucracy that oversees elections in the Great White North. That doesn’t mean this is supported by Canada’s Govt. The opposite in fact and Canada, Canadians are just as outraged as the rest of us..

Via CTV News – PM Harper in Australia gave a statement :

Prime Minister Stephen Harper blasted Elections Canada Sunday for going against a parliamentary ruling by allowing Muslim women to wear veils and burkas while voting. The move goes directly against a unanimous vote in the House of Commons this past spring to make visual identification mandatory when casting a ballot.

“I profoundly disagree with the decision,” Harper told reporters in Sydney, Australia where he is attending the APEC conference. “We just adopted this past sitting, in the spring, Bill C-31, a law designed to have the visual identification of voters. That’s the purpose of the law. “That was the law voted virtually unanimously by Parliament and I think that this decision goes in an entirely different direction,” he continued. [...]

Welcome to the Crusades..

We all know about bureaucrats and their busy body selves ‘cavaliering’ forward on radical Liberal crusades without any mandate. In fact this is not the 1st time, in the Province of Quebec a year or two ago a similar elections rule was put in effect by more bureaucrats bowing to Islam and the outrage was palpable, the rule was almost immediately reversed when people threatened to show up to vote in full Halloween masks.. As what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander n’est ce pas?

I expect this to be reversed and I’m no Nostradamus by any means, Canadians are multicultural suckers there’s NO doubt about that, but they won’t tolerate this level of shenanigans. This is overpaid under-brained unionized lackeys doing progressive work – that permit I’m betting will be shortly revoked. If not, Halloween is coming up my dear Canadian friends..

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