Intel Coup: Shalit abductor.. Abducted!

Israeli special forces have daringly entered Gaza disguised as Hamas men & taken a senior Hamas man prisoner for interrogation..


Palestinians report Israeli troops disguised as members of Hamas’ security force kidnapped Muhawesh al-Kadi, senior member of group’s military wing in Rafah. Sources say man involved in abduction of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit

Ali Waked Published: 09.08.07, 18:45 / Israel News
A group of undercover Israeli soldiers disguised as Arabs on Friday kidnapped a senior Hamas member of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing, near the Rafah crossing in the Gaza Strip, Palestinians sources told Hamas’ website.

Palestinian sources told Ynet that the man was apparently involved in the kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.  [...]

Read the rest, say what you will about Ehud Barak – I say he makes a pretty lousy Prime Minister, but as Defense Minister he makes Amir Peretz look like, well Amir Peretz. Kudos to my armed forces for stepping it up of late and to Barak for initiating. Bring Shalit home, by ANY means necessary.

QUICK Update:
Visual Map of the Southern Gaza Strip & Rafah where the mission took place.

Gaza Rafah map

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Update II: All three Israeli biggies still frontpaging the story:
Ynet / Jpost / Haaretz

Unfortunately no official confirmation..
Pls keep in mind it’s appx 1 AM here in the Holy Land, and this broke just as the Sabbath ended..

I won’t be holding my breath for confirmation in any case, but I’d wager al-Kadi may be forced to here and there if he happens to find his head thrust into a cold water bucket. A Hamas terrorist spokesman incidentally is denying al-Kadi was involved in taking Shalit (Israel Radio), which is not surprising when one considers they denied taking him in the 1st place..

‘I actually did vote for kidnapping him before I voted against it’ – Now where have I heard that before?

Update III
YNET: PM: We can’t reveal IDF operations (Sept 9th)

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert praises IDF for ‘courageous’, ‘unusual’ operations but does not mention reported Israeli overflights in Syrian airspace
Roee Nahmias Published: 09.09.07, 12:32 / Israel News

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert praised the IDF for its “courageous” and “unusual” operations at Sunday’s cabinet meeting, but did not directly refer to the reported overflights in Syrian airspace or to the capture, according to Palestinian sources, of a top Hamas official in the Gaza Strip.

“I want to express my appreciation of the security forces’s courageous and unusual operations that are aimed at impeding the activities of terror groups,” he said. [...]

Gd bless the IDF!