UK Commander: We’ve been fighting Iran in Basra

More of the daily realities shaping up for coalition forces, the reality that the US, the UK, the free world really is already at war with Iran.. Just think of how much fun it will be when the Iranian regime starts tossing nukes around to its proxy fighters & proxy terrorist organizations..

UK Telegraph / It’s Iran we’re fighting, says Basra commander
By David Blair, Diplomatic Correspondent

British forces in southern Iraq have been fighting a “proxy war” against Iran, the commander of the troops who withdrew from Basra Palace has said.
While the Army has frequently accused Iran of stirring violence across southern Iraq by arming Shia militias, no officer has been as blunt as Lt Col Patrick Sanders, commander of 4th Battalion The Rifles.

He told the BBC that 5,500 British soldiers still based at Basra Airport could return to the city if called upon by Iraq’s newly trained security forces. This may happen if Iraq’s army needs help against Basra’s Shia militias – who Britain accuses Iran of arming and training. “We are engaged, or we have been engaged, effectively in a proxy war with Iran and if that resumes then they (Iraq’s security forces) will need us to help,” Lt Col Sanders said. [...]

How inconvenient for all those who accuse President Bush of trying to use Iran as a crux, the Iranians are murdering your boys.

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