Liberalism killed the Judeo-Star

This Jpost article is the most frightening thing I read all week:
‘I look at Israel as just another country’

Judaism in the North American diaspora 50 years out doesn’t stand a chance in hell. We like to pretend but the proof is in the reading of the pudding. All this progressive BULLSH*T has spelled the end of the line for North American Jewry.

What is a Jew?

I’ll tell you what it isn’t, it isn’t someone who has zero awareness of the most basic tenet of the religion, the covenant between Gd & the Jews to the land of Israel. Judaism has become in the Diaspora nothing more than a set of culture, but what held it together for thousands of years of diaspora life was the eternal longing to return to Israel, without this, there’s no chance.

If this has not been imparted to young Jews then there is no future for Judaism in the Diaspora. If the intermarriage rate is over 60% and this is the solid Jews that result from that, well I hate to break it to these solid in their conviction Jews but there is probably a 1% chance their grandchildren will even acknowledge being Jewish at all.

It’s not popular to say, politically correct, or it is insulting to many but I don’t really care frankly, I’m amazed at how for many Jewish is eating bagels. How does one spend an entire education in Hebrew school and come out not caring a damn about Israel!? I’ll tell you how, it starts in the home and the more progressive the bigger the disaster.

The total disintegration of the most basic tenet of Judaism!?!? This is ‘Progress’!?! This is the gilded golden age? My ass it is. It’s called Nihilism, not Judaism.

Read it & weep, I know I am.