WP ShishKabobs ElBaradei: ‘Rogue Regulator’

A few days ago I skewered IAEA chief Elbaradei for his absurd positions regarding Iran, which run contra to any Western consensus or even the logic of his own organization’s findings..

Today the Washington Post is up at bat, and that loud *crack* you hear is solid contact with the ball.. Someone get me a frank & a cold Coke pls, I said my piece now it’s time to watch the WP do it big league style.

WP – Rogue Regulator

Mohamed ElBaradei pursues a separate peace with Iran.
Wednesday, September 5, 2007; Page A20

FOR SOME time Mohamed ElBaradei, the Egyptian diplomat who heads the International Atomic Energy Agency, has made it clear he considers himself above his position as a U.N. civil servant. Rather than carry out the policy of the Security Council or the IAEA board, for which he nominally works, Mr. ElBaradei behaves as if he were independent of them, free to ignore their decisions and to use his agency to thwart their leading members — above all the United States. [...]

This is well worth a read, if it comes to force it will be handy to remember the inane morons along the way who’s endless vassalage to oppressive regimes had a huge role to play in the total ineffectiveness of the World community to make any impact whatsoever in these matters before D-Day.

 UPDATE Sep 8/9: LGF has some interesting stuff up re Elbaradhimmi..

The head of the UN’s toothless nuclear watchdog says there’s no evidence Iran is building nuclear weapons, and condemns the United States for being too critical of the poor beleaguered Islamic Republic. [...]

Charles goes on to cite a brief caption where the IAEA head capo says amongst other gems, the following..

[...] the International Atomic Energy Agency had not encountered any undeclared facilities, enrichment activities or any ‘weaponization’ programs. The UN watchdog agency has not received any information from the intelligence sources making claims in this regard, he added. “We haven’t received any smoking gun,” ElBaradei said.

Isn’t that odd since I quoted him 6 days ago saying the following..

[...] However, the IAEA chief urged international players to “encourage” Iran to cooperate. “Beside sanctions, there must also be encouragement,” he said, underlining that “sanctions alone will not bring any durable solution.” But he added that there were “concrete grounds to suspect” Iran of developing a nuclear bomb.

So less than a week ago there were concrete grounds to suspect; undeclared facilities, enrichment activities & ‘weaponization’ programs, but now there isn’t a trace of information in this regard? Wow, that is great news.. The whole program has been DISMANTLED just this very week and the press isn’t even reporting it! We won!

Will the real Elbaradei please stand up!? Forget sheep.. We’re well into cloning humans apparently, there are two of them now.

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