Crack out the party favors: Rice is coming

Peace Summit you say!? I better go stock up on provisions for the inevitable war that always follows.. 

The Sec. of State will be arriving in Israel shortly to lay some more groundwork for the ‘BIG’ peace summit this fall. Oh dear, whatever will we serve!? Safe to say shrimps are off the menu (not kosher), but there’s a large parcel of Israeli land that we can serve up piping fresh! Apparently giving over swaths of land to terrorists these days for nothing in return but murder & mayhem IS entirely kosher for Olmert & company, so why bother with finger foods when we can just give up the whole enchilada?

Big Buzzwords: Lowering Expectations

With Rice staring down the end of her current administration days holding all too few gems in her secretary of State handbag, the ever elusive peace in the Middle East appears to be something dandy to shoot for. As such, the mania is approaching a fever pitch internationally and Israel is about to get squeezed like a Jaffa orange in an all inclusive morning brunch buffet..

Javier Solana has been in town, Blair the Mid East envoy is here now, Rice is following afterwards.. DANGER Will Robinson!! Danger! This ensemble cast specializing in ‘tough choices’ & concessions 101, backed up by Mahmoud Abbas’ statements that he needs ‘tangible results’ for any successful summit has set fire in the hen house here in Israel.

Nobody move – Someone is about to toss the ‘Peace Grenade’

Even Livni the Foreign Minister who goes gaga for ‘dialog’ and is ready to sell the farm is being quoted as to the need to immediately ‘lower expectations‘ for the upcoming summit.

Meanwhile within the Kadima party itself a mini-mutiny is unfolding led by notables such as Shaul Mofaz (former Defense Minister) & Avi Dichter (former head of the shinbet, Israel’s FBI) seeking to clarify exactly what Olmert intends to parlay up at the summit? The fear being absurd concessions & commitments may be made to an unstable, ungovernable, half legitimate bastard child PA government that struggles to meet even the most basic agreements.. on its best day.

Olmert himself is trying to reign in the runaway horses. He has zero public mandate, is evidently facing internal party disillusionment, topped off with coalition troubles as Avigdor Lieberman head of the Israel Our Home party, and the religious Shas party – both coalition members, are seeking fairly immediate clarification from Olmert as to what his intentions are. No one is thrilled with this exercise in posterity that may cost Israel as usual quite dearly.

Can you smell that? It’s called ‘we are about to get shafted’.

Either Peace is at hand or it isn’t, you’d have to be seriously deluded to think anything positive will come of this Blair / Rice / Solana unholy trinity of Israel sacrifice.. Can’t we just all skip the shrimp, order pizza & watch the much needed invasion of Hamas held Gaza on TV instead!?

Heck, maybe we should just grab Solana & CO. Hamas style while they are here & trade them straight up for our missing soldiers. They all vowed to help get them back after all? No big deal, we should all be willing to pay the price for peace right?

Where’s Bob Barker – this price sounds right.

and so it begins..

Update: Trouble in Coalition land
Israpundit looks at Lieberman’s statements to the effect that he will pull his coalition support regarding the declaration of principles for the upcoming summit.

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