Israel: Lean Mean Green Machine

Land of Milk & Nature Reserves? 

Despite being a tiny country surface wise starved of territory, Israel leads the community of nations in the Med in regards to nature & habitat conservation.

Israel leads Mediterranean countries in terms of the proportion of its territory that is protected, according to a report by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).

According to IUCN figures, the protected area in Israel constitutes 16 percent of the country’s total area, as opposed to 11.7 percent in France, 7.7 percent in Spain, and 0.5 percent in Lebanon. [...]

Two factors shadow Israel’s environmental achievements: it is one of the seven countries that suffer from an acute water shortage, and has a high level of greenhouse gas emission per capita.

I would think that the water shortage in Israel only bolsters the country’s extraordinary achievements in these regards. Despite the fact that being green is today’s number one fashion trend and the cause celebre of the left world wide, don’t expect any big left & Israel love-ins any time soon.. There are just too many Joooz here.

Let’s all recall for a moment

The scorched Earth policy Islamists love so much. Indiscriminately firing rockets & burning massive swaths of green setting nature back 50 years last summer, or one of the more popular Palestinian terrorist activities beyond murdering civilians which includes the lighting & torching of forests just for the hell of it.

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