Comedy Central: ElBaradei – Last chance for Iran

The perennially ineffective IAEA and its leader give the lay of the land after YEARS of dialog & negotiations with Iran, negotiations & stall tactics which have yielded absolutely nothing beyond an even more advanced Iranian Nuclear Weapons program..

AFP via IRANFocus

Nuclear watchdog chief warns of ‘last chance’ for Iran

Sat. 01 Sep 2007 BERLIN (AFP) – If Iran fails to resolve its nuclear dispute by the end of the year, it may be passing by its last chance to do so, the UN atomic energy agency head said in an interview due out Monday.

“By November, or December at the latest, we should be able to state whether the Iranians are keeping their promises. If they don’t keep them, Tehran will have passed by an important chance, perhaps the last,” Mohamed ElBaradei, the International Atomic Energy Agency head, told weekly Der Spiegel.

By Nov. or Dec. we should be able to determine if Iran is keeping its promises!? Is this guy snorting the Kool-Aid dry now in powder form!? You mean the IAEA has NOT determined this to date, there’s a shocker huh! I guess those sanctions are for posterity only.

However, the IAEA chief urged international players to “encourage” Iran to cooperate. “Beside sanctions, there must also be encouragement,” he said, underlining that “sanctions alone will not bring any durable solution.” But he added that there were “concrete grounds to suspect” Iran of developing a nuclear bomb.

Ya think!? There’s the big BUT, we need to coddle & encourage the fanatical Islamists seeking nuclear weapons, because they were unloved as children and the whole carrot bit works very well, as evidenced by the years of multilateral European failures which have brought us NOW to the 20th ‘last chance’ for Iran.. How pitiful. 

Asked about the possible use of force against Tehran, ElBaradei said that might destroy a large part of Iran’s nuclear installations, but warned of the danger of an explosion of violence in the whole region. “The already very deep oppositions between the Islamic world and the West would explode,” he said. He added that such a move would also certainly reinforce support for an Iranian nuclear bomb. [...]

Ahh finally something he is CERTAIN ABOUT, that the Islamic World will explode and taking action will reinforce support for Iranian Nukes, in other words this is the last chance, but like the 20 other last chances not really.. Because clearly Elbaradei fears the Islamic World’s oppositions to the West far outweigh the Armageddon that arrival of Nuclear Weapons to the Islamicists might spell. This Dhimmitude is refreshing in World leaders, can I have some more?

What a bunch of clowns.

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