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Proliferation Parade: Iranian weapons in the hands of terrorists

Looking over some Iranian news imagery of the large Iranian weapons parade last week reveals a not so startling fact.

The missiles are all either;

  • Proliferated towards Iran.
  • Proliferated from Iran.
  • Or both!

It’s a frightening inner view of the veritable fact that rogue terrorist supporting regimes are the world’s worst proliferators, they proliferate weapons to terrorists as illustrated below, and it is not too strong a stretch to imagine the danger of proliferated WMDs as well, hanging like a Sword of Damocles above all our heads.

Produced in Iran, Proliferated to: Hezbollah

Iranian Kosar
Iranian Kosar Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

Two Kosars are believed to have been fired in one volley by Hezbollah in the Lebanon conflict last summer, one struck an Israeli cruiser, the other an Egyptian freighter. President Evil himself is seen in this image, just before leaving to New York last week. These are advanced weapons of the nation state calibre. Hezbollah is not a country, it’s a terror group! Iran possesses an even more advanced version of this weapon now also believed to be in the hands of Hezbollah, the C-802 anti-ship missile. These weapons aren’t fired from your barn, they need infrastructure, radars, trained technicians, officers.. Meaning Iranian Revolutionary Guard (now declared by the US Senate as a terrorist entity in itself).

Produced in Iran, Proliferated to: Hezbollah

Iranian Zelzal
Iranian Zelzal Missiles

Iranian Zelzal-1 / Zelzal-2 missiles with ranges of around 200 km threatened Tel-Aviv in last summer’s Lebanon conflict. As such, the large truck launchers seen above were the 1st & primary targets in the opening 24 hours of Israel’s air campaign against Hezbollah. Most were destroyed immediately, and no Zelzal missiles are believed to have struck at Israel. Look at the size of those things, this raises the term ‘terrorist’ to a whole new level.

Produced in Iran. Proliferated to: Hezbollah

Iranian Fateh Missile
Iranian Fateh-110 Guided Missile

Another large surface to surface missile in the hands of Hezbollah, the guided Fateh-110. Superior range & accuracy for the terrorists over the Zelzal missiles.. These guidance systems & abilities are beyond the Iranians internally, North Korea proliferates the bulk of the know how for this & larger missiles below.

Shahab 3 / Scud
Produced in Iran, Proliferated from: North Korea

Iranian Shahab-3
Iranian Shahab-3 Missile

The 1st Iranian surface to surface missile capable of ranges reaching Israel from Iran itself, without the need of pesky terrorists. Based on the Soviet Scud rockets, widely proliferated and the North Korean No-Dong missile. The Syrians were recently mounting chemical weapons to a weapon of a similar nature with North Korean help when things went bad..

Developed & Produced in Iran, Proliferated from North Korea


 Iranian Ghadr-1
Iranian Ghadr-1 Missiles – Their 1st public displaying.

Brand New Iranian Ghadr Missiles are clearly larger, with even longer range. Produced entirely in Iran with North Korean assistance they also feature a new advanced cone design, making them more accurate and theoretically able of carrying nuclear payloads & multiple warheads.

Whether it be handing them out to terrorists

Or advancing the weapons technologically via North Korea.. Clearly from top to bottom on display the Iranian arsenal is one large proliferation zone, they so are proud of that fact they even parade it.

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Fallout: Unholy-Alliance celebrates new ‘Kindler, Gentler Jihad’

Cox&Forkum draw it up best, the damage done giving men like Assmad a platform and legitimacy..

Cox & Forkum

The world and the American hard left are swooning.

In the US via memeorandum, Mr Bollinger of Columbia is now under fire not for inviting Assmad to speak, but for being too hard on him!

Via LGF, Weasel points out the usual pages worth of comments from the ‘international community’ at the BBC.. Berating the US, Israel, & praising Assmad, and then Iranian reaction to Assmad’s reception which is blame the Zionists & filthy American neocons of course, much like Assmad himself in his speeches the last two days.

Now we have thanks to this platform and general worldwide insanity / dhimmitude.. A ‘quirky pious guy’ who also happens to be a ‘nutjob in the friendliest nutty sort of way’ instead of the leader of a repressive Islamic regime which is developing nuclear weapons, murdering Americans, threatening genocide to the land & concept of Israel, and the foremost world sponsor of Terrorism including the Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iraq Quds forces.

Free Palestine 

Suddenly the Palestinians, who’s inability to accomplish anything much less wipe their own asses for 60 years now have become ‘the unsung sufferers of European Jew guilt’, the ‘real holocaust’, a rallying reason to blame the Zionists & do away with that ‘shitty little country’ as a matter for legitimate discourse. For Assmad, mission accomplished. For the anti-semites and supposed progressives music in their ears, sweet enough to wash away any harsh tones not from the usual denial of the existence of Israel, but the not so veiled call to stone & hang Homosexuals as well.

Axis Rising / Missile cooperation: All new Iranian Ghadr-1

A few hours before Mahmoud, envoy extraordinaire of Iran went packing off to the ports of NY, Iran held a large military parade / celebration to mark the anniversary of the Iraq / Iran war. On display were the latest Iranian military threats, including the 1st ever public display of Iran’s newest Ballistic Missile, the Ghadr-1.

Ghadr-1 in Iran via AFP

Ghadr-1 on display (Atta Kenare/AFP)

Some believed specs:

  • Class: IRBM Surface to Surface.
  • Range: 2500-3000 km
  • Engines: Base liquid fuel, second stage solid
  • Manufactured in Iran

Quick proliferation: From North Korea to Iran, then Syria

Getting an understanding of what the Ghadr is involves a quick history of Iranian Missiles, along the way one learns of the North Korean proliferation dangers that extend all the way to Syria, where Israel it is believed recently struck WMD / Missile related targets.

Iranian Missile technology is all really North Korean missile technology, which is itself Soviet based tech - Extended by greedy Russian missile experts after the Soviet Union’s collapse who shacked up in N. Korea for luxurious lifestyles in return for missile development. The most famous result of that union has been what is known as: N. Korean NO-DONG & NO-DONG II type Missiles.

Iranian Shahab

The well known Iranian Shahab-3 class of rockets were based on the NO-DONG Korean missiles, this is a more advanced Russian Scud, with range capable of reaching Israel fuelled by liquid propellant. It was of quite a concern in itself, but advances in proliferation have resulted in much more dangerous still Iranian missiles, originally considered more advanced variants of the Shahab-3, but now termed an all new class entirely manufactured within Iran with a host of believed capabilities which bring us to Ghadr-1.

Advanced Shahab-3 / Fajr-3 / Ghadr-1

Last April, Iran tested a new Missile, which was termed at the time Fajr-3. This created some confusion because the Iranians already had a Fajr class of rocket, but they are small Katusha type weapons, nothing resembling the behemoths we are discussing here. What was notable was Iran claimed MIRV capability, radar evading capability, as well as solid-state fuel propulsion for the rocket’s upper stages. Missiles of this size are comprised of multiple stages similar to the rockets sent off into space, at the top is the cone. A MIRV cone is unique in its ability to carry multiple independent warheads, each capable of a different target & guidance – Typically associated with Nuclear Weapon delivery. The Iranians claimed the ability to house 3 warheads in their new cone.

Fajr-3 Advanced Shahab-3

The imagery of this new steerable cone deemed nuclear capable, the Iranian claims of MIRV capability, the seemingly large advance to solid state rocket fuel stages (more portable, rapid, stable) set off some concern that Iran was due to copious North Korean proliferation all too rapidly moving into advanced ballistic missile range. Shortly, the Iranians who are already well at work on the concepts will reach space with their missiles, allowing them true intercontinental ability and the option of dropping independent warheads on at least half the planet via a quick stop in orbit. Add a stage or two to the missile and voila, the Jihad will have entered space, with the ability to:

  • pop satellites up into the nether
  • possibly pop other nation’s satellites down
  • as well as drop munitions on your head whether you may be at work in Washington, or vacationing in London.


The Ghadr looks very much like the rocket tested above, I believe they are in fact one & the same and Iran is now revealing the results of its 24/7 North Korean missile race  push, an advanced Shahab-3B variant now manufactured under a final moniker of Ghadr-1. A long range solid fuel based rocket, with nuclear capability, possibly incorporating MIRV independent warheads, and built in quantity entirely in Iran. This range of missile already puts the Mid-East, Europe & the bulk of the Former SU within Iranian cross-hairs. The Iranians are working with N. Korean tech to add stages and specialized space capable cones, making range issues to strike the West more or less mute.

This is an OFFENSIVE weapon & threat, that carries WMD. In conjunction with the Iranian race to nuclear weapons these new missiles are a most serious development.. Incidentally, the Missile programs are controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards – The group recently proposed as a terrorist entity by the US Dept. of State.

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Coming to America: Assmad Arriveth


The Dark Side 

Uncle Terror rode into NYC where he was speaking today at Columbia University, as well as to the national press club etc.. Seems some cranks in America feel the need to fete the arrival of this cretin to their shores. Here’s some defense of the madman (from Juan Cole apologist by profession) via Memeorandum which has plenty of links.

Using the force..

Expect some video & reactions soon enough I imagine, looking forward to it.

Update: HotAir video of the intro to Assmad’s speech at Columbia by the University President, who promised to be harsh & critical of the honored guest.. Plus the reaction shot from Assmad himself.

What I heard..

I heard portions of the ‘oratory’ on c-span. Assmad blamed the US for pretty much everything on the planet, asserted the honor of questioning historical facts like the Holocaust which warrant further study, disparaged gays & homosexuals by eloquently stating that American fags are special, and there are no progressive open gays in Iran.. This was in respose to ‘why Homosexuals are often  executed or stoned in Iran. Called America in not so many words a world sponsor of terror, blamed a litany of woes on Israel & the lack of resolve with the Palestinian terrorists we live next door to. Preached peace & love to all, as long as they followed along on his terms.

All in all cheer-worthy material for the unholy-alliance between the radical left America / Zionist haters & the Islamic radicals. Was this PR coup and spotlight for this contemptible maniac & his Mullah backers all-together necessary?

Full C-Span video of the Columbia event,

Video courtesy of (RealPlayer req-d.)

HH-135 makes a mystery appearance

Jewish carnival gets hip – With ninjas & pirates all taking over the planet at Facebook, this whole web 2.0 thing is really turning out to be quite handy. Everyone can be hip today, heck even the stodgy blog carnival can get a dose of hipsterim here & there, for instance the latest Haveil Havalim Jewish carnival ‘unauthorized edition’ is making the rounds..

Of course the carnival was due to be on hiatus seeing as the more devout have had appx 12 hours time off in the last two weeks, followed by succot in what seems like a few more hours :)  So consider this to be an underground HH, not as deeply buried as say a crazy mission to seize nuclear materials via commando raid, but rich in hipness nonetheless!

As for me, I’m putting together info on the new Iranian long range ballistic missile unveiled yesterday in Tehran.. This missile has also been ‘underground’ until now, but its appearance has cleared up some previous confusion for me, more in an upcoming post. Should be an interesting week in America, what with Hitler 2.0 visiting and & all.

Irrational in Iran: Plans drawn up to bomb Israel

Irrational Iranians
Iranian regime lashing out like the vicious dog it is.
Via Memeorandum

Yahoo News

AP - Iran draws up plans to bomb Israel
By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer

TEHRAN, Iran – The deputy commander of Iran’s air force said Wednesday that plans have been drawn up to bomb Israel if the Jewish state attacks Iran, according to the semiofficial Fars news agency. The announcement came amid rising tensions in the region, with the United States calling for a new round of U.N. sanctions against Iran over its disputed nuclear program and Israeli planes having recently overflown, and perhaps even attacked, Iranian ally Syria. [...]

I think he means Syria, the Iranian client state. Iran has had its grimy little fingers all over the place, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria. The revelations regarding Iranian weapons, scientists & technicians proliferating weapons in Syria, WMD in Syria, utilizing the country as a conduit to arm & support various terrorist organizations, their Iranian funded mutual defense pact make them more than allies..

“We have drawn up a plan to strike back at Israel with our bombers if this regime (Israel) makes a silly mistake,” Gen. Mohammad Alavi was quoted as telling Fars in an interview. Fars confirmed the quotes when contacted by The Associated Press, but would not provide a tape of the interview. The Iranian air force had no immediate comment.

Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammed Najjar told the official IRNA news agency Wednesday that “we keep various options open to respond to threats. … We will make use of them if required.”

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards released a statement that the nation was ready for a military confrontation. “Iran, having passed through crises … has prepared its people for a possible confrontation against any aggression,” IRNA quoted the statement as saying.

Foreign Policy
Wow, that’s a lot of aggression, one gets the feeling the Iranians are looking rather irrational. Might the possible bombing of one of their ‘client state’ WMD facilities have rattled them some? Perhaps it’s the Americans themselves being resolute on positions vis avis oh I don’t know..

  • The killing of American soldiers
  • The farce that has been made regarding cooperation & verification of Iran’s ‘peaceful’ nuclear program
  • The need this week to suspend six party talks with North Korea, and declare Syria on the Nuclear Watch List
  • The subsequent realization that both the little satan & the Big Satan are likely justified in defending themselves versus this sort of endless unmitigated aggression.

The loveable Yanks don’t seem too flexible on all the above..
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