Law & Order: Gaza Style

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The Joys of living in an Islamist State!

I tell you living next door to a terrorist mini state has its charms. Next time you are feeling blue because this Israeli Govt sucks pants, just think..

In no time at all you could hop in a car & live an hour away in a Palestinian Democracy!..

Well a Palestinian Democracy seized by the winners of the vote, who are actually terrorists who seized control from the former holocaust denying President, who was also formerly Prime Minister, appointed by the arch terrorist Arafat, who led the Fatah party now opposed to the current Terrorist government, but was formerly in another terrorist government created by Oslo, which has a new Prime Minister now, but which also preceded the current terrorist democracy, which is not actually recognized as so, because a new government was declared recently in Ramallah, which is not actually attached to Gaza because it was previously occupied by Jordan which.. Uhh it’s complicated.

Safe to say all these people below have it all A-OK under control and we should proceed to final status negotiations at once.

They are a model for failed mini-states everywhere, everyone wants a few more terrorist led mini-states right!?

Hamas has it under control..

Photo AFP

(AFP Photo)

Some HAMAS ‘police’ patrolling the streets.. They don’t lead through fear & intimidation, try to understand everyone dresses like this in Gaza right!?

REUTERS / Mohammed Salem

(Photo Reuters / Mohammed Salem)

Members of the ‘Hamas Executive Force fire’ firing their machine guns in the air to ‘lawfully maintain order’ at a Fatah organized rally. Two men in the foreground seen ‘exercizing’ as recommended by the Palestinian Surgeon General, in order to maintain excellent fitness and combat the Zionist infidels

AP Photo/Adel Hana

(AP Photo by Adel Hana)

A Fatah man protesting ‘recent democratic activities’ by the ruling terrorist Hamas powers that be, picks up a rock to throw at someone while Hamas policemen (as above) fire machine guns in the air to maintain more ‘Law & Order’.

AP Photo / Hatem Moussa

(AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

Now Fatah protesters running for their lives / cover from Hamas gunmen, uhh ‘Policemen’ firing machine guns to maintain ‘Law & Order’ in the nascent Hamas Democracy.

(Photo AFP Mahmud Hams)

“I’m proud of the work we’re doing here.. Allahuackbar!..
and send more ammunitio.. Oh you are Amerikkkan news right? Send more food, people are starving here.”

Update Sept 1st:

Tens of thousands of Gazans rally at Egyptian border demanding it be reopened. Hamas gunmen fire shots, leaving one brain dead, seven others injured

Associated Press / via YNET

Eight Palestinian protesters were wounded Saturday, including one pronounced brain dead, at a Hamas rally on the Egyptian border, medics said.

Tens of thousands of flag-waving Hamas supporters gathered at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt to demand it be reopened. The border, Gaza’s only gateway to Egypt, has been shut since Hamas’ bloody takeover of the Gaza Strip in June. Hamas charges that Abbas’ government does not want the crossing opened because that would help the Islamic group hold on to power in Gaza.

Hamas gunmen fired in the air as hundreds of protesters tried to rush the border terminal and attempted to infiltrate into Egypt. A teenager was shot in the head, and was later pronounced brain dead, medics said. Seven others were wounded by gunfire and trampling. [...]

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