HH 130 takes flight

The Haveil Havalim  is up by SoccerDad’s(the founder of the Carnival), he’s got some categories for the posts & in-line links to boot! Looks pretty sweet, I don’t know why but the second I said HH 130 to myself and since.. I’ve been thinking of the c-130 Hercules. Hence the takes flight part up there, now it’s stuck in my head and you know what that means, I’ll probably be doing more heavy weapons posts this week. Heck, there’s no shortage of news on that front so it might not be a bad thing after all.

For now I’m off to see what the Jblogosphere was up to this week.

  • Have you ever seen and/or heard one of those transports. Ten or so years ago my father took me and my children to an airshow. I was amazed the way 1) it seemed to defy gravity by hovering and 2) how quiet it was.

  • Only seen it on the ground at an airshow, but I wll surely never forget what was parked next to it. C5-Galaxy which is bigger than anything I could ever imagine!

    Took a little day trip – but a post referencing the 130 and other stuff going up later on.