PlayDoh Bombers: Nobody move, there’s a toy made in China on this Plane!

This airline hijacking yesterday was odd huh? Fake bombs, Syrian passports.. the only other real thing about this attack was the terror factor, and of course the requisite Palestinian Terrorist. What’s a good terror attack without a Palestinian after all, they are becoming like wheat glutton – a basic ingredient in everything terror related.

The two men who hijacked a Turkish plane Saturday, claiming al-Qaeda ties, were wielding a fake bomb, authorities said. The alleged bomb turned out to be made of play dough, CNN-Turk television reported, citing police sources. [...]

The hijackers’ motive remained unclear Saturday evening. One of the men was Turkish and the other was believed to be a Palestinian carrying a Syrian passport, Transport Minister Osman Gunes said. Earlier, Turkish Cypriot authorities said the men were Iranians protesting US policies. Gunes said the hijackers, identified as Mehmet Resat Ozlu, of Turkey, and Mommen Abdul Aziz Talikh, told an official they ”apologized to the Turkish nation” for seizing the plane. [...]

Yeah, about the whole dangerous mid-air ‘there’s a bomb on the plane, this is a hijacking nobody move thing’, yeah we’re sorry about that.

The hijackers then ordered the pilots to divert the flight to Iran, telling passengers they were linked to the al-Qaeda terror network and armed with explosives, officials said. The pilots persuaded the hijackers to let them land at the Mediterranean resort of Antalya in southwest Turkey instead to refuel, officials said.After landing, the pilots left the plane through the cockpit window to prevent the hijackers from forcing them to fly the plane and shut off the power, said Aydin Kiziltan, chief executive of Worldfocus, the company that leased the plane to Atlasjet.

One passenger told NTV that the hijackers allowed the crew to serve them water and promised not to harm them. ”We are Muslims,” passengers quoted one of the hijackers as saying.

Uhuh, because that’s comforting. When you’re sitting on a hijacked plane and some guy just finished giving you the famous ‘we have bombs’ line what you really want to hear at that moment is “Don’t worry.. We are Muslims, here have some water it will refresh you.”

Is that before or after they collect my Israeli Passport & direct me to the ‘front of the plane’ with a courteous.. ‘Don’t worry, you are Jewish yes?’

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