Israel sporting some sexy Armor

The IDF Merkava4 Tank is the baddest brother on the block right now.

Defense-Update has some strikingly beautiful images of recently retrofitted MK4′s – the gorgeous new accessory consists of the Rafael developed Trophy APS. The Active Protection System can shoot down incoming RPG’s & the like and is a rather remarkable piece of technology (plenty of trophy details in the links below), one that can make a major difference in protecting the tank & its crew – it would have come in useful against Hezbollah last year.

The Merkava is already widely considered as one of, if not the safest tank on Earth – Being one of the most heavily armored and possessing some unique design characteristics like a survivability door built into the rear of the chassis and innovative protection on the forward end. Crew safety was one of the top goals in the tank’s design, the trophy makes for a beautiful crown for this king don’t you think?

Trophy mounted on the Merkava4

Seen above, the reflective looking Trophy sensor systems and the two launchers on the ends of the turret. (Photo Defense-Update via Rafael)

Looking very hot indeed..
Now that is riding in style! (Photo Defense-Update via Rafael)

Trophy Promo: 3dgarage / Rafael 

Trophy info here at the Hashmonean.
PR film of the Trophy system in action, developed for Rafael by 3dGarage.

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