Giuliani exhibits Foreign Policy clarity

Republican hopeful Rudolph Giuliani has put forth a major campaign foreign policy address. (H/T LGF)

I just read it but this section highlighted at Charles’ aptly shows the type of clarity this man brings to the table on issues I have some glancing familiarity with.

On establishing Democracy & the not so trivial causal link to good governance..

The election of Hamas in the Palestinian-controlled territories is a case in point. The problem there is not the lack of statehood but corrupt and unaccountable governance. The Palestinian people need decent governance first, as a prerequisite for statehood. Too much emphasis has been placed on brokering negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians – negotiations that bring up the same issues again and again. It is not in the interest of the United States, at a time when it is being threatened by Islamist terrorists, to assist the creation of another state that will support terrorism. Palestinian statehood will have to be earned through sustained good governance, a clear commitment to fighting terrorism, and a willingness to live in peace with Israel. America’s commitment to Israel’s security is a permanent feature of our foreign policy.

When I think of what went on that September morning and the sheer weight this man took upon his shoulders I can’t help but be awed, you can’t buy that kind of leadership. Irrespective of where you might stand on this or that particular issue, the other candidates in my eyes are all missing that special something that can only truly emerge in a trial by fire. Like a finely worked metal, for me Giuliani’s impurities will forever have been burned away by the forge.

‘Take me to your Leaders..’ 

Call me old fashioned but like FDR & Churchill, both themselves far from perfect, I wonder where my generation’s great leaders are and if or when they emerge I would be remiss to not have given them the full benefit of any doubt. For now I will content myself to support the ones coming out of the generation before me. Giuliani’s foreign policy goals deliver in spades.

Toward a Realistic Peace
- Rudolph Giuliani at Foreign Affairs.

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