Linkim! – New in the roll..

Some blogs I’ve had a chance to peek at going in the old roll..

On the frontline (Kit has been busy while I’ve been gone!)
Sabra at Heart <– Be honest kids, Aren’t we all? :)
Dry Bones.. Surely you know what this is?
Israel Satire Lab.. Here at the Hashmonean it’s often the sarcasm lab, maybe we can collaborate on speeding up Iran’s nuclear program, I’ll bring the Plutonium.

A few I visit but just never linked to or thought I did, isn’t that sweet of me? Consider the committee until now having been in ‘closed session’ so to speak.. Don’t know what I’m yammering on about? You need to watch more c-span!

Israellycool <– I think this is one of the first Israel blogs I saw on the net
OlehGirl.. More oversight..
Crossing the Rubicon(V3).. I hope she forgives me, Rosh hashana is coming, strategically speaking.. She has little choice ;)

DailyKos… Uh, just kidding. Really though.. No.

  • No problem! I didn’t link to your site either. (That’s been remedied).