UK – Israel relationship heading for deep freeze

The writing is on the wall..

  • The already infamous academic boycott (incidentally, this is the 2nd time such a boycott has sprouted).
  • Yesterday’s Foreign Office recommendation report.
  • Arms sales from Britain to Israel are being frozen / blocked.
  • Former UN deputy secretary-general to Kofi Annan, Mark Malloch Brown is a big man on campus now at the Foreign Office.
  • The UK is diverging with it’s key ally, the USA in Iraq.
  • The increasing Islamification of the UK.
  • Spiralling Anti-Semitism in the UK.
  • Tony Blair’s appointment as Mid-East envoy which will only exacerbate / increase the pressure for failed resolutions.
  • Collapsing of the UK position regarding the terrorist group Hamas.

The end of the Blair era will be getting ugly. While Gordon Brown is a left-centrist & supporter of the UK / Israel relationship, his key aide and now a top guy at the Foreign Office (minister for Africa, Asia, and the United Nations) detests the Jewish State. While at the UN Mark Malloch Brown never wasted an opportunity to criticize Israel & beyond fiercely. Malloch is an Arabist, multilateralist and an appeaser of the worst kind, the reality is he has zero love for Israel and even less for the USA.

Last year DURING the Lebanon conflict with a hundred rockets striking Israel per day; Malloch Brown openly questioned the notion that Hezbollah was a terrorist organization..

FOX NEWS[...] “It’s not helpful to couch this war in the language of international terrorism. Hezbollah employs terrorist tactics; it is an organization, however, whose roots historically are completely separate and different from Al Qaeda,” he said, according to a transcript of an interview [...]

In issue after issue at the UN under Kofi, Malloch slammed Israel while showing open sympathies for her enemies – the stench of the UN is all over this guy.

Bush is considered a power supporter of Israel, but one need only look at his State Dept. to see that what the guy up top wants is not nec. reflected by his foreign office, if the US example of broken telephone between head of state & state can lead to some bad tendenecies for Israel.. You can rest assured the UK version will seem like the Ice Age.

Update: Daled Amos weighs in on the lunacy of it all, when policy goes wonko!

How can The House of Commons’ Foreign Affairs Committee say:

“Given the failure of the boycott [of Hamas] to deliver results, we recommend the government should urgently consider ways of engaging politically with moderate elements within Hamas,” the all-party group of lawmakers said.

When it is being reported that

Shortages in raw materials slowing production of makeshift rockets, lead to decline in rocket fire from Gaza.
Why would Great Britain want to open the flow of money to terrorists and make it possible to replenish the resources Hamas needs to fire rockets into Israel? [...]

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