Israel’s next governing party holds primaries today

Likud leader Bibi Netanyahu looks to secure his party chairmanship today in what should be a sleeper..

My personal swing to Kadima was for Ariel Sharon, Olmert gets no such allegiance and Livni deserves a good twack for being a weak Foreign Minister by almost every account.. Incidentally, not a single clause put forward by Israel re Livni’s baby - UN Resolution 1701 has been filled one year later.

She should resign tomorrow for failing the State, disappearing during the war, and steering Israel’s foreign policy nowhere fast. Her ‘we’ll win via the diplomacy theory’ has stalled & died faster than an old Ford.

Early Elections this year, I say the govt topples or at least we get the announcement around Jan ’08 – barring WWIII before then. Bibi will run the table and he’s got one chip right over here – Feel free to collect any time Benjamin, as a bonus I’ve always got fresh Burekas on hand if you have the munchies, we’ll make an afternoon of it.

UPDATE Aug 14: Netanyahu cruised to an easy victory with approx 73% of the vote.