UK: We desperately need to appease radical Islam / terrorists!!

The UK Foreign Affairs Committee has submitted a report to the British foreign office which basically seeks to reverse UK foreign policy, and instead replace it with full & total appeasement as a policy goal. The report & its conclusions are frightening in light of the massive dangers Britain is facing with its malignant population of homegrown terrorists, massive financial network of terror supporters, and general failure these past 20 years in regards to curbing the threat of radical Islam best exemplified by subway bombs, blown out doubledeckers, and near catastrophic airline hijacking plots.

The Foreign Affairs Committee is made up of Parliament backbenchers (read that to mean NON POLICY experts, regular parliament joes) & is a good indication of the moronic nature of the left wing fetish currently sweeping that nation.. Among the policy recommendations.

  • Negotiating with the HEZBOLLAH!
  • Negotiating with the HAMAS!
  • Scathing criticism of Israel
  • Calling the Roadmap (recognized by the Quartet & the UN itself) ‘irrelevant’ while only recognizing one aspect of it, the establishment of a Palestinian state..
  • Abolishment of the term “War on Terror” as it leads to ‘dangerous policy implications’
  • Criticism of the UK for not stopping Israel in Lebanon etc etc

Could these Parliamentarians bury their heads any deeper into the sand!? If these fools get their way it won’t be long before the green flag of Islam replaces the Union Jack a top the houses of Govt in the UK, that’s if a dirty bomb doesn’t kill them all first.

Here’s a BBC article on the report, I’m posting most of it because it is so unbelievable.. The Foreign Office has of course thanked the committee for their report and will be studying it going forward <— Frightening!

UK ‘damaged’ by Lebanon war delay

An immediate ceasefire call could have saved lives, MPs say
The UK’s reputation was damaged when the government hesitated in calling for an immediate end to the Lebanon war last year, MPs have said. [...]

The foreign affairs committee also said it was “counterproductive” not to talk to Palestinian militant group Hamas. The government should “urgently” engage with moderate elements, it added. [...]

the committee, in its report entitled Global Security: The Middle East, said a quicker response from the government in July last year “could have led to reduced casualties amongst both Israeli and Lebanese civilians whilst still working towards a long-term solution to the crisis”. It called some of Israel’s military actions in Lebanon during the war “indiscriminate and disproportionate”.  It particularly highlighted the attacks on United Nations observers and the dropping of more than 3.5 million cluster bombs (90% of the total) in the 72 hours after the UN Security Council passed the resolution which effectively ended the war.

The government should engage with moderate Hezbollah parliamentarians, the committee said. This should happen, it added, even though the influence of Hezbollah’s military wing, “along with Iran’s and Syria’s, continues to be a malign one”.

Hamas policy ‘counterproductive’

Among other Middle East policy areas under scrutiny, the MPs criticised the government’s decision “not to speak to Hamas” as “counterproductive”. The stance, also taken by the Quartet, followed the creation of a unity government between Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas in February. “A national unity government could and should have been established much earlier than the spring of 2007,” the MPs said. “Given the failure of the boycott to deliver results, the government should urgently consider ways of engaging politically with moderate elements within Hamas as a way of encouraging it to meet the three Quartet principles.” [...]

‘Irrelevant roadmap’

The committee described the Middle East “roadmap” as “largely…an irrelevance in the dynamic of the Arab-Israeli conflict”. In its report, it said: “The unwillingness of the Quartet to challenge robustly the failure by both sides to meet their obligations has undermined its usefulness as a vehicle for peace.” But it did endorse the “failed” road map’s objectives of “an independent, democratic and viable Palestinian state peacefully co-existing with a secure Israel and an end to the occupation that began in 1967″. [...]

Unreal, the attack on the UN observer outpost was not deliberate, it happened due to fog of war, the double standards & lunacy evident in the UK parliamentary report are astounding! Hitler himself couldn’t have asked for a weaker Chamberlain than this! Let’s just throw in the towel shall we?

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