The Jihadists Are Coming

I remember a conversation I had with a young woman during my time away from the keyboard, we were exchanging email addresses and she had asked me about mine because it was something she needed spelled out (saus at not exactly 123@hotmail if you know what I mean.)

I explained to her it was the address of my blog which was not being updated at the time but which had a lot of pro-Israel info on it. Of course, she told me that she’d check it out (I was rather hoping she might check me out too, that’s why I was exchanging emails with her after all) but I was a little downcast about the idea. Like many young women I was painfully aware of the fact that she would be..

  • Clueless about many of the topics I blogged about
  • For schizzle Liberal, if not ultra Liberal (er.. this isn’t exactly the kumbaya blog)
  • Left Wing, or rather at least left of me seeing as anyone right of me is basically hailing from the old Gush lol
  • And would surely find me somewhat Uber Zionist and militant despite my charming personality (er.. ok, at least witty)

I sensed trouble ahead and decided to head it off, sort of like Sharon at the Mitla Pass in ’73.. You see what I mean? That sound you might hear would be the wooshing of my witty comment likely zipping right over her head if she were paying a visit lol. I decided at the time to prep her a bit by saying something to this effect..

“Try and keep in mind that there’s a war going on even though it’s not always in the forefront of everyone’s mind, and my blog is about fighting the Global Jihad.” She looked at me funny & answered with one word, ‘OK’.

I knew I was in trouble right away, because if you are a partisani in this war against radical Islamists & their radical agenda of world domination – you don’t answer sentences containing ‘Global Jihad’ in them with one word or appear somewhat dazed by it all. Oh would I have paid good money to be able to pop this BBC gem out of my pocket and say – ‘You see this? They’re coming for us and the only way to stop them cold is with an Uzi’. Well, better late than never..

Islamists urge caliphate revival

Some 100,000 Islamists have met in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, to press for the re-establishment of a caliphateacross the Muslim world. The Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir – which organised the conference – said it had been the largest gathering of Muslim activists from around the world.

However, the group is illegal in many countries and key speakers have been stopped from entering Indonesia. A caliphate – or single state for Muslims – last existed in 1924. Hizb ut-Tahrir regards this as the ideal form of government, because it follows what it believes are the laws of God as set out in the Koran, rather than laws designed by man. The groups says it seeks to set up a caliphate by non-violent means – but many experts see it as ideologically close to jihadist groups.  It is banned in most of the Middle East and parts of Europe.

The BBC’s Lucy Williamson in Jakarta says that of the estimated 100,000 people packing the stadium hired for the event, the overwhelming majority were women, who have travelled from across Indonesia to attend. If the audience turnout was impressive, not so the speakers lined up to address the crowd, our correspondent adds. One by one, over the past few days, seven of the delegates invited to speak have dropped out.


Controversial Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Ba’asyir was asked to stay away on security grounds, while three national leaders cancelled at the last minute.The Palestinian delegate was unable to leave the Palestinian Territories, and representatives from Britain and Australia landed in Jakarta on Friday but were refused permission to enter the country. Hizb ut-Tahrir’s spokesman in Indonesia said he was disappointed about these problems and said that the Indonesian authorities had not told the group why its speakers had been barred.

Hizb ut-Tahrir – or Liberation Party – was founded in Jerusalem in the 1950s by Palestinian religious scholar Taqiuddin an-Nabhani. Today it has a mainly clandestine following in the Middle East, a large presence in Central Asia – where hundreds of its members have been jailed – and active supporters in the West, including London, which is believed to be one of its main bases. Many experts see it as ideologically close to jihadist groups, and suspect its commitment to peaceful means is purely tactical.

They seem like really nice people, who needs the laws of men any how? I mean don’t you want to live in the Islamic Caliphate? Bill of rights, bill of schmites! We don’t need it.

Of course the full blown Radical Jihadists have pretty much no use for us infidels, and clearly even the Women & Children are fair game for slaughter in order to establish a worldwide caliphate.. Which means that Florida, Canada, & just about everywhere else would need to cease to exist..

But don’t you worry, if we all just sing kumbaya and try to get along everything will be just hunky dory! After all, these folks for example are in Indonesia, far far away even by plane, it’s just too bad many might prefer to fly them into buildings as opposed to collecting the air miles! The crazy thing is – that might sound like an exaggeration to someone like that young woman, but really it ain’t. I don’t know if she ever checked out my blog, but I do know this – The only way to deal with this kind of thing is to pop ‘em in the head.

I did incidentally sign up for a gmail account because I figured going forward, you ought to maybe ease them into this sort of thing.

(that’s eligible Women, not Jihadists)