Beilin looking to wheel & deal with Hamas..

The entire planet save for the occasional mullah has shunned Hamas, the now illegitimate terrorist overlords of Hamastan in Gaza. In fact, Hamas is so shunned people are going so far as to throw roses at the feet of Abu Mazen (who’s peds are likely not the sweetest smelling things around just between us.)

But that hasn’t stopped Yossi. Beilin who’s probably the one man in Israel I’d like to slap the most is advocating negotiations with the dirty little terrorists!

Beilin: Gov’t must reach deal with Hamas before Mideast summit
Haaretz / By Lisa Zilberpriver

Yossi Beilin said Thursday it is vital Israel reach an agreement with Hamas, directly or indirectly, before the Middle East summit scheduled for this coming fall, otherwise Gaza may “explode.”

Beilin, speaking at a conference for young journalists in Jerusalem, said a cease-fire negotiated with Hamas would include it taking responsibility for a total cessation of Qassam fire. “Hamas have said they are capable of stopping Qassam fire on Israel, and I believe they can,” he said. “If they’re ready to talk to us, we should talk to them,” he added [...]

For Yossi, with Love.Of course, this has been Yossi’s position since Hamas took power a year & a half ago, because Yossi simply never learns. In fact, he seems to be advocating DIRECT negotiations between the State of Israel and the now shunned Islamists, isn’t that special?

Considering Hamas just violently seized the Gaza strip, are refusing to recognize Israel, are being funded by Israel’s other mortal enemies in Iran and are bombarding southern Israeli communities daily - I have to say for once in my life (and trust me this will be the only time) I agree wholeheartedly with the boobhead Beilin. Israel should indeed negotiate with Hamas, we can start with their terms of surrender.

Don’t miss the rest of the Yossi Beilin tour, Yossi goes to Tehran, followed by a special musical guest appearance with Hassan Nasrallah.. Oy Yossi, whatever will we do with you!?