It takes a village.. of Idiots

The New York Times – I’m telling you, I’ll never understand the liberal fascination with getting into the skin of the bad guys, that perverted need to identify with, often laud, or quietly harbor feelings of admiration for scum, terrorists and worst of all radical Islamists. Sometimes this is candy-glossed over in an attempt to make this perverse identification acceptable to the general public, but what is it really? Is it equivalence? Ignorance, or simply the more moronic among us given a platform to spew forth gross crap, like freshly popped acne..

Steven D. Levitt at the times takes the cake with his blog opinion piece giving out suggestions on how to carry out the next big terror attack, while INVITING thousands of readers to send in suggestions for even worse carnage.. get this, in order to ‘better prepare / secure ourselves for the next big one’.

Ya.. sure. Instead of letting the cave dwellers try to outwit us on their own, Mr Levitt prefers to implore western civilization into serving up the next ‘big thing’ in mass murder – pipping hot & fresh for the Islamists.

I say why not take a trip to Tora Bora yourself stevo – why not get yourself a first hand glimpse right into the minds of your latest fascination? Incidentally, white bleeding heart liberal guys like Steve are normally lined up on the wall there & summarily shot, which might not be the worst thing I’ve heard today. <— IDIOT.

Don’t mind me Steve, I’m not advocating your actual execution – I’m just getting into the mindset of the enemy so to speak, how very Sun Tsu of me.

Levitt is taking heat & defending himself in part deux
Memeorandum has the roundtable, with Malkin leading off, plus Allapundit is always good for a few shits & giggles ;)

MORE: KOOLAID ALERT! – This Liberal Yid academic comment I read at Malkin’s blew me away..

Malkin’s over-reaction to the NYTimes column illustrates its main point, that people have an irrational fear of terrorism. Even the World Trade Center attack did relatively little damage to the US – we lost a little under 3000 people and a few billion dollars. The invasion of Iraq has cost more lives and much much more money.

There’s the old moral equivalence sickness again, check your head dude & try to cut back on the LSD – Yikes, speaking of irrational..

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  • This journalist has to be a total idiot. Assuming but not conceding that any terrorists retrieved any ideas from responding idiots willing to suggest ideas designed to kill more innocent women and children on American soil, why would anyone want to risk the chance of copycats seeking a headline in the liberal press to explain how they killed your friends, neighbors, families, by using your ideas? Doesn’t this Country already have enough elected enemies such as third in line to be President, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and “Dirty” Harry Reid as he is referred to on Capitol Hill for his alleged dishonest land deals? OK kids, here is your test for Friday August 10, 2007. When Harry Reid is in Washington where does he live? If you answered Ritz Carlton, you are likely well informed. How much doesn that suite cost? If you answered $5,000.00 to $7500.00 per night you must have called and confirmed like I did. While Mr. Levitt seeks creative ideas on the internet to assist in destroying America, Senator Dianne Feinstein is allegedly carrying her concealed weapons permit and gun while passing legislation to take that 2nd Amendment right away from you. Why is Senator Feinstein better than you? If this country is that dangerous that she needs a permit to carry a concealed firearm while she has federal taxpayer paid bodyguards then why shouldn’t you have the same right to apply for the same permit? Are her secret service agents so much less intelligent than she is that she needs to exercise her Second Amendment to carry a weapon that you are apparently not qualified to carry to defend yourself and family? Why would the Senator from California not want you to defend yourself and family against enemies both foreign and domestic as this Countries forefathers intended in our Constitution as well as the oath she took when sworn in to represent us?

  • This is a country where young men & women can ride the bus with you carrying M-14′s, 16′s and other assorted automatic weaponry that is hard to conceal – Not by choice but by need, which gives Israelis some special insight into the dangers of making terrorism light hearted fare..

    Levitt may have wrote a very popular book, but Paris Hilton is very popular too – she’s still an idiot! ;)