Haaretz Editorial: We’re still living the dream!

This caught my eye today.. Honestly I don’t know where they come up with this stuff.

Haaretz -Security is not just binoculars

Defense Minister Ehud Barak is acting as if he had been hired as an external consultant to rehabilitate the Israel Defense Forces after the Second Lebanon War: He is devoting all his attention to that task. Even though he is the Labor Party leader who, at Camp David, came closest to an agreement with the Palestinians on establishing a Palestinian state, Barak has not made public his views on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s diplomatic moves, and it seems he is basing his political stature on viewing reality through a pair of binoculars.

Barak shows up at army exercises as an uber-chief of staff and is busy setting up new IDF divisions and developing defensive systems against missiles, as his cabinet position requires him to do. But he has been leery of making statements on diplomatic issues, thereby undermining his status as the traditional leader of the peace camp.

Came closest to an agreement with the Palestinians, wow! Is that how the DISASTER now known as Camp David II is being viewed!? As ‘Oh so close to real peace’?? I was in Israel during the Camp David II talks, the shock & awe almost everywhere was palpable, and it wasn’t a ‘hey – this is really great stuff Barak is doing’, more like a ‘what the hell does Barak think he’s doing!?’

It might serve to recall that the violent murderous second intifada followed immediately in the footsteps of Barak’s brilliant peace dept. chess moves, complete with charred buses & pizzerias. It also might serve to recall that Barak & his party were thrown out on their asses following the sham that was camp david II, and it might further serve to recall that Barak has been AWOL from public life ever since until about 2 months ago! When the news that Barak was wheeling & dealing on Jerusalem hit the wires back then about 3/4 of the country responded by saying you better come home.. & be quick about it. Ahh, the traditional leader of the peace camp, we take it they mean the head of the Labor party but what exactly does that mean?

Who made peace with Egypt? Begin did.. Who oversaw the bulk of the disastrous Labor initiated Oslo process, Bibi did. I’m left wondering what exactly Labor has accomplished in the ‘Peace Camp’ field, other than nothing at all. Woops, untrue.. Rabin signed agreements with Jordan, but then the peace with Jordan was already long standing, it just didn’t have any fanc signing ceremonies. That’s quite a camp Labor has been running, too bad there are no campers. I like Barak, he’s a special forces man – but as far as leaders go, as far as Prime Ministers go he’s utterly useless. Let him be defense minister, but leader of the so called non existent Labor peace camp!? That’s like calling me leader of the new world order – it’s a fancy title thank you I know, too bad I have no constituents.

From his testimony to the Winograd Committee, one can conclude that even today Barak considers unilateral withdrawals possible and even desirable if there is no one to talk to. He does not see the 2000 withdrawal from Lebanon as a rash move, but as one necessitated by reality after he had carefully examined the option of coordinating the pullout with Syria. This is presumably also how he views the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. Judging by his past statements on a withdrawal from the West Bank, he evidently views this, too, as a necessity more than a choice – or in his words: “Life will ultimately bring us to this.”

Yup, it’s one rolling disaster after another.. Withdrawal from Lebanon, led to war this year, withdrawal from Gaza led to war this year, is there anyone who is sane on Earth that believes that another withdrawal might be a good thing!? Apparently the Haaretz editorial board! Peace has arrived, sign up for camp! – Plenty of camping spots still available, in fact the grounds are empty – better book now!!

Barak’s only response to the diplomatic program being promoted by President Shimon Peres, which was publicized this week, was that Israel should not quit the West Bank until it has developed a defensive system against rockets, which is likely to take several years. Should this caveat torpedo an agreement in principle with the Palestinian government on a state in the West Bank and Gaza, or does it merely define when Israel’s military, as opposed to civilian, presence in the West Bank will end, using the model of its withdrawal from the northern West Bank during the disengagement?

Barak must answer these question not after the fact – to the committees that investigate the next war – but to his potential voters, who at the moment see no difference between him and Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu. [...]

You’re damn right it should torpedo foolhardy nonsense, a direct hit in fact that causes that sorry sub to implode. While I’m at it, don’t compare Barak to Netanyahu, I know about Bibi, and you sir are no Bibi. I love how they throw in the ‘program being promoted by Shimon Peres’ as if Peres has a mandate.

That would be Peres the new President, the purely decorative post which requires Shimon to bow out of the political spectrum. Shimon is done floating programs, Shimon’s job now is to sit in the big chair & smile like a good little Israeli President, in fact Shimon shouldn’t be allowed to speak out-loud at all other than to say ‘pass the humus please..’ No one voted for Shimon or his floating programs, this isn’t Venezuela – we don’t seize power in Israel ‘for the sake of the imaginary Haaretz peace camp’.

The title of the Editorial is “Security is not just binoculars” – I’m left wondering who exactly left the lens caps on Haaretz’ pair. I also want to live the dream, where do I sign up for this fictional peace camp!? It’ll be nice to pull out my tent, gear & sleeping bag, that way there will be plenty of room in my bomb shelter.. for the ‘glorious Labor aftermath that usually follows.

UPDATE: Aug 11
Barak has already distanced himself from this and other similar styled editorials stating that anyone who believes a peace deal is closer than 3-5 years out is living in a fantasy.. the US State Dept has taken exception(LGF) to that, preferring I guess to live as per the norm in fantasy land.