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Law & Order: Gaza Style

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The Joys of living in an Islamist State!

I tell you living next door to a terrorist mini state has its charms. Next time you are feeling blue because this Israeli Govt sucks pants, just think..

In no time at all you could hop in a car & live an hour away in a Palestinian Democracy!..

Well a Palestinian Democracy seized by the winners of the vote, who are actually terrorists who seized control from the former holocaust denying President, who was also formerly Prime Minister, appointed by the arch terrorist Arafat, who led the Fatah party now opposed to the current Terrorist government, but was formerly in another terrorist government created by Oslo, which has a new Prime Minister now, but which also preceded the current terrorist democracy, which is not actually recognized as so, because a new government was declared recently in Ramallah, which is not actually attached to Gaza because it was previously occupied by Jordan which.. Uhh it’s complicated.

Safe to say all these people below have it all A-OK under control and we should proceed to final status negotiations at once.

They are a model for failed mini-states everywhere, everyone wants a few more terrorist led mini-states right!?

Hamas has it under control..

Photo AFP

(AFP Photo)

Some HAMAS ‘police’ patrolling the streets.. They don’t lead through fear & intimidation, try to understand everyone dresses like this in Gaza right!?

REUTERS / Mohammed Salem

(Photo Reuters / Mohammed Salem)

Members of the ‘Hamas Executive Force fire’ firing their machine guns in the air to ‘lawfully maintain order’ at a Fatah organized rally. Two men in the foreground seen ‘exercizing’ as recommended by the Palestinian Surgeon General, in order to maintain excellent fitness and combat the Zionist infidels

AP Photo/Adel Hana

(AP Photo by Adel Hana)

A Fatah man protesting ‘recent democratic activities’ by the ruling terrorist Hamas powers that be, picks up a rock to throw at someone while Hamas policemen (as above) fire machine guns in the air to maintain more ‘Law & Order’.

AP Photo / Hatem Moussa

(AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

Now Fatah protesters running for their lives / cover from Hamas gunmen, uhh ‘Policemen’ firing machine guns to maintain ‘Law & Order’ in the nascent Hamas Democracy.

(Photo AFP Mahmud Hams)

“I’m proud of the work we’re doing here.. Allahuackbar!..
and send more ammunitio.. Oh you are Amerikkkan news right? Send more food, people are starving here.”

Update Sept 1st:

Tens of thousands of Gazans rally at Egyptian border demanding it be reopened. Hamas gunmen fire shots, leaving one brain dead, seven others injured

Associated Press / via YNET

Eight Palestinian protesters were wounded Saturday, including one pronounced brain dead, at a Hamas rally on the Egyptian border, medics said.

Tens of thousands of flag-waving Hamas supporters gathered at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt to demand it be reopened. The border, Gaza’s only gateway to Egypt, has been shut since Hamas’ bloody takeover of the Gaza Strip in June. Hamas charges that Abbas’ government does not want the crossing opened because that would help the Islamic group hold on to power in Gaza.

Hamas gunmen fired in the air as hundreds of protesters tried to rush the border terminal and attempted to infiltrate into Egypt. A teenager was shot in the head, and was later pronounced brain dead, medics said. Seven others were wounded by gunfire and trampling. [...]

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Arms Race II: From Russia with Love

Cold War Redux – Russians arming Iran, Syria and by extension their terrorist proxy groups with advanced arms.

Billions pouring into Russian pockets as it re-weaponizes the Mideast.

Murder for hire might be one way to describe recent Russian arms dealings in regards to Iran & Syria. In fact the Russian journalist who broke some of these weapons sales stories was apparently murdered for his efforts, or should we say he died mysteriously? Facing increasing scrutiny & scathing criticism Russia has most recently curtailed selling to Iran directly, and now just bundles up the weapons to Syria, who then passes some of them on to Iran as part of the package. Iran is paying most of the bill in light of its recent Syrian defence pact, and of course this gravy train or axis of evil doesn’t stop there, why should it?

Proliferation then extends down to terrorist groups funded & supported by Iran & Syria like the Hezbollah, who came up with advanced Russian anti-tank missiles as well as anti-ship cruise missiles in last summer’s terror war against Israel, not bad for a bunch of terrorists.

Iran – Arming to thwart America

While they get the big press for repeatedly threatening to wipe Israel from the map, Iran saves it best bile for the Great Satan – America. Multi billion dollar arms purchases recently entail buying up the most advanced Russian weapons platforms available, some not even fully integrated in Russia just yet, as well as advanced Russian aircraft and anti tank weaponry.. A massive ramp up of high tech arms to thwart America should military confrontation continue to heat up over illicit nuclear weapons production.

In addition Iran is feverishly working on leaked North Korean ballistic missile technology and developing intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads into currently both Israel & Europe, while eyeing the USA shortly range wise.

Shahab 3 with advanced cone
(Photo: Reuters) An Iranian launched Shahab3 Ballistic Missile tested last year had a notable new nose cone and designs.. Judged by western intelligence to be capable of carrying a nuclear payload.

SAM & Air Defense

The Iranians are currently busy setting up the most advanced Russian air defense net money can buy, recent purchases many resulting already in deliveries include;

Nato: SA-10 Grumble
Russian Land based SAM S300MPU Missile Launch
(Photo: Unsourced video, stilled.)

A number of these mobile systems have already been delivered, they are similar to American Patriot Missiles & can engage cruise missiles, aircraft etc. Syria is also on the receiving end for purchasing this system.

Target engagement range, km: 200
Target engagement altitude, km: 27
Maximum target speed, km/h 10,000
Number of simultaneously engaged targets 36
Number of simultaneously guided missiles 72
Rate of fire, sec 3
Time of deployment, min 5

Both the Iranians & Syrians are cooperating on the weapons purchases, as well as integrating in the training & use. The recently considered for terrorist listing Iranian Revolutionary Guards are the guys behind the scenes training, arming & equally as is evidenced by American outrage, proliferating across the terrorist World.

Nato: SA-15 Gauntlet
(Hashmonean April 20, 2006 – Evil Empire: Russians selling advanced air defense weapons to Iran)
Photo: DefenseUpdate

Iran is just finishing up purchasing this billion dollar bonanza of 29 TOR-M1′s from Russia, the sale among others raised raucous objection from the USA & Israel for obvious reasons, this is one of the most advanced weapons of its kind capable of shooting almost anything out of the sky..

Wiki: The Tor Missile System is a low to medium-altitude, short-range surface-to-air missile system designed for engaging airplanes, helicopters, cruise missiles, precision guided munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles and ballistic targets. GRAU designation of the earliest model is 9K330, and NATO reporting names are SA-15 Gauntlet and SA-N-9 Gauntlet. It is designed to protect targets from attack at all times and in any weather, not only by shooting down attacking aircraft but also by destroying any munitions before they reach their target. It is air-portable and equipped with NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) protection. [...]

Gotta protect the nukes.. Why not add yet another layer of advanced weaponry? Hmm, where might we be able to acquire more high tech weapons?! From Russia – through Syria of course!

Syrians are also in on the action

The latest batch of weapons purchases through Syria include the
Pantsir-S1. Courtesy of the manufacturer; KBP

Iranians & Syrians new Pantsir-S1 purchase

Syria has bought 50 of these in another 700+ Million dollar deal, with 10 of them destined to Iran. This dual system uses both SAM missiles and twin gatling type guns to shoot down missiles, planes, choppers you name it. This is as state of the art as it gets, duplicating the type of close-in interception used on American Aegis type sea cruisers, only mobile on land.

More weapons for the Axis of Evil? Sure how’s about some planes?
Both Syria & Iran are picking up aircraft, either Mig-29 Fulcrums, or the SU-30. This is in addition to smaller medium range rockets, anti-tank weaponry etc etc. All in all the Russians mostly, aided by the Chinese, North Korea and other world patriots are arming Syria, Iran & their terrorists for war.

JPOST: Reports: Iran to buy jets from Russia

Israel is looking into reports that Russia plans to sell 250 advanced long-range Sukhoi-30 fighter jets to Iran in an unprecedented billion-dollar deal. According to reports, in addition to the fighter jets, Tehran also plans to purchase a number of aerial fuel tankers that are compatible with the Sukhoi and capable of extending its range by thousands of kilometers. Defense officials said the Sukhoi sale would grant Iran long-range offensive capabilities. [...]

In Arms Race I, I looked quickly at some of the efforts Israel & the USA are making to counter these spiralling events.. It’s not good enough. Send more money & send more weapons. The Saudis don’t need 20 billion dollars worth of American largess.. I’ve never seen a Saudi hold the line against the Jihad to protect shared American interests. The Saudis aren’t battling Hamas, or Hezbollah, Iran or Al Qaeda for that matter. Last time I checked in fact the Saudis were Al Qaeda!?

We all know exactly which American ally REALLY needs to be muscled up in this arms race, please send more canned spinach.

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Arms Race I: Israel looking to counter ramping threats

Procurement Race is on
Billions worth of High-Tech weaponry pouring into the Mideast.

With the Jihad heating up and being fueled by Iran & Syria, there has been a non stop flow of advanced weaponry into the Middle East. A number of significant weapons platforms have begun to arrive to the axis courtesy of Russia, with even more on the way. In response to this & other growing threats the US itself has this past week concluded a 10 year military aid package renewal with Israel, as well as made commitments to regional Arab states to the tune of over 53 billion dollars in funds spread across Egypt, Saudi Arabia & other smaller Gulf States. Here’s a quick look at some of the weapons Israel is eyeing and some still in the pipeline.


Israeli Arrow2 rockets to the sky  (CREDIT IAI) The Jewish State embroiled in a Terrorist war with Hamas, fresh from war with Hezbollah and facing a mounting threat from Iran & Syria has begun finalizing the task of taking stock, to prepare for the new regional threats. With a new Defense Minister in place, the military has allocated the bulk of this week to making major decisions on procurement goals and funding levels for weapon systems in the coming years. Barak has already made clear he sees major deficiencies in the IDF current readiness.

Among the weapons being considered and or developed, missile defense is a top priority.

In addition to the larger long range ballistic shield above, Israel is currently developing & considering a number of short range interception systems to counter the types of threats posed by Hezbollah, Hamas & Islamic Jihad.

Also being considered are upgrades to Israel’s air power.

  • Decisions on future contracts for the F-35 JSF fighter, and longing looks at the prohibitively expensive F-22 Raptor are competing this week with funding priorities regarding ground forces. Israel is still flush with the brand new F-16I Sufa, and the long range F-15I Thunder, both custom Israeli variants of the latest most advanced US F-16/F-15 versions.
  • Other air assets on the list include a chunk of new C-130H Hercules transports, or possibly an order for the latest J Model or SuperHercules, which has been thoroughly modernized for US military use.

A C-130J Super Hercules courtesy of Lockheed Martin UK These are some of the more major platforms under development or in consideration for Israel. Of course the country is a world leader in military tech and there is a lot going on technology wise to counter insurgencies & terrorists, especially at the Urban Combat level. Israel’s enemies are not standing still, in part II tomorrow the advanced Russian weapons being funneled to Iran, Syria & their associated terrorist groups over massive US / Israel objections.

UPDATE AUG 23: Israel green lights Patriot / PAC3 upgrade

The Israeli Air Force will buy advanced US-made Patriot PAC-3 missiles from Lockheed Martin, capable of intercepting aircraft and long-range ballistic missiles, including the type used by Syria.  The IAF is currently using the PAC-2 system, manufactured by Lockheed Martin. In the new system, each launcher is equipped with 16 missiles instead of four; each missile weighs 320 kilograms and is 5 meters in length. The advanced PAC-3 system is capable of intercepting aircraft, rockets and cruise missiles.

The decision to acquire the new system was based on the progress made by Syria and Iran in the field of fighter jets, and on the fact the Syrian army has recently obtained longer-range missiles.  [...]

UPDATE AUG 24: Arrow redeployment in Northern areas to counter mounting Syrian threat.

JPOST: Predicting that Israel’s future wars will be characterized by unprecedented missile barrages, the IDF has decided to modify its missile defense doctrine and has changed its deployment of the Arrow missile in northern Israel, The Jerusalem Post has learned. [...]

Ahead of a possible conflict with Syria and Iran, the Air Defense Forces are also conducting an increased number of joint exercises with the United States Armed Forces, in an effort to increase coordination between the two countries and to prepare for the possibility that Washington will send US missile defense systems to Israel if and when they are needed.

The Defense Ministry recently submitted a request to the Pentagon to receive information on two American-made missile defense systems – the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) and the Aegis.

The idea, a top officer explained, was to prepare infrastructure for the possibility that the American systems would be purchased by Israel or be deployed here during the time of war. In March, US Army officers from the European Command (EUCOM) were in Israel for the Juniper Cobra exercise, held every two years, during which Israel and the US run missile defense simulations.

“Our objective is to create the infrastructure and ensure that the Arrow will be interoperable with other systems,” the officer explained, adding that this objective took up a large portion of the Air Defense Forces’ training time. [...]

See the 2nd part of this post Arms Race II: From Russia with Love for details on the growing threat from advanced Russian arms in the hands of Iran & Syria.

HH 130 takes flight

The Haveil Havalim  is up by SoccerDad’s(the founder of the Carnival), he’s got some categories for the posts & in-line links to boot! Looks pretty sweet, I don’t know why but the second I said HH 130 to myself and since.. I’ve been thinking of the c-130 Hercules. Hence the takes flight part up there, now it’s stuck in my head and you know what that means, I’ll probably be doing more heavy weapons posts this week. Heck, there’s no shortage of news on that front so it might not be a bad thing after all.

For now I’m off to see what the Jblogosphere was up to this week.

PlayDoh Bombers: Nobody move, there’s a toy made in China on this Plane!

This airline hijacking yesterday was odd huh? Fake bombs, Syrian passports.. the only other real thing about this attack was the terror factor, and of course the requisite Palestinian Terrorist. What’s a good terror attack without a Palestinian after all, they are becoming like wheat glutton – a basic ingredient in everything terror related.

The two men who hijacked a Turkish plane Saturday, claiming al-Qaeda ties, were wielding a fake bomb, authorities said. The alleged bomb turned out to be made of play dough, CNN-Turk television reported, citing police sources. [...]

The hijackers’ motive remained unclear Saturday evening. One of the men was Turkish and the other was believed to be a Palestinian carrying a Syrian passport, Transport Minister Osman Gunes said. Earlier, Turkish Cypriot authorities said the men were Iranians protesting US policies. Gunes said the hijackers, identified as Mehmet Resat Ozlu, of Turkey, and Mommen Abdul Aziz Talikh, told an official they ”apologized to the Turkish nation” for seizing the plane. [...]

Yeah, about the whole dangerous mid-air ‘there’s a bomb on the plane, this is a hijacking nobody move thing’, yeah we’re sorry about that.

The hijackers then ordered the pilots to divert the flight to Iran, telling passengers they were linked to the al-Qaeda terror network and armed with explosives, officials said. The pilots persuaded the hijackers to let them land at the Mediterranean resort of Antalya in southwest Turkey instead to refuel, officials said.After landing, the pilots left the plane through the cockpit window to prevent the hijackers from forcing them to fly the plane and shut off the power, said Aydin Kiziltan, chief executive of Worldfocus, the company that leased the plane to Atlasjet.

One passenger told NTV that the hijackers allowed the crew to serve them water and promised not to harm them. ”We are Muslims,” passengers quoted one of the hijackers as saying.

Uhuh, because that’s comforting. When you’re sitting on a hijacked plane and some guy just finished giving you the famous ‘we have bombs’ line what you really want to hear at that moment is “Don’t worry.. We are Muslims, here have some water it will refresh you.”

Is that before or after they collect my Israeli Passport & direct me to the ‘front of the plane’ with a courteous.. ‘Don’t worry, you are Jewish yes?’

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Israel sporting some sexy Armor

The IDF Merkava4 Tank is the baddest brother on the block right now.

Defense-Update has some strikingly beautiful images of recently retrofitted MK4′s – the gorgeous new accessory consists of the Rafael developed Trophy APS. The Active Protection System can shoot down incoming RPG’s & the like and is a rather remarkable piece of technology (plenty of trophy details in the links below), one that can make a major difference in protecting the tank & its crew – it would have come in useful against Hezbollah last year.

The Merkava is already widely considered as one of, if not the safest tank on Earth – Being one of the most heavily armored and possessing some unique design characteristics like a survivability door built into the rear of the chassis and innovative protection on the forward end. Crew safety was one of the top goals in the tank’s design, the trophy makes for a beautiful crown for this king don’t you think?

Trophy mounted on the Merkava4

Seen above, the reflective looking Trophy sensor systems and the two launchers on the ends of the turret. (Photo Defense-Update via Rafael)

Looking very hot indeed..
Now that is riding in style! (Photo Defense-Update via Rafael)

Trophy Promo: 3dgarage / Rafael 

Trophy info here at the Hashmonean.
PR film of the Trophy system in action, developed for Rafael by 3dGarage.

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