Arming Hezbollah

Kofi Annan keeps slamming Israel (business as usual), saying it is in breach of resolution 1701 – as if there is a resoluton 1701. Has anyone seen or heard a word out of the UN to Hezbollah or the Lebanese government? I guess this is what happens when you deal with terrorists, the UN turns a blind eye.

The UN under the agreement is supposed to provide a buffer force to assist in disarming Hezbollah, is supposed to be enforcing an arms embargo within Lebanon preventing ANY arms or weapons not authorized for the Lebanese government. Non of that has happened, instead there is endless talk of weapons & re-arming.. Meanwhile the French have all but disappeared, their whining & cajoling is what screwed up the resolution in the first place, we should have known the French would opt for surrender.

Kofi is on the case 

The Iranians are openly talking about shipping weapons, setting up staging grounds within Syria where weapons are being stored for shipment to Hezbollah. (YNET)

This past week a number of cargo planes originating from Iran passing through Turkey to Syria were forcibly searched, some turned after US pressure and surveillance pointed to missiles & rockets aboard.. (Debka)

The UN's big plan is looking very much like every other instance of UN involvement in Middle East affairs, a total shaft for Israel. In the mean time Israel is itself looking fairly paralyzed, mostly by internal political & military issues. More on that in a large post - the 3rd part of a series on the Lebanon conflict as soon as it is finished.

  • You are correct. And what are Israeli and US Governments doing about the situation?

  • BillWalton

    The US will not act against Iran because to do so could jeopardize the flow of energy from Iran to China and the subsequent flow of cheap merchandise to the US. Freedom from the Western perspective is based solely on the variety of goods from which to select and make a purchase.

  • goesh

    The  US and select allies will assault Iran, then IDF will finish off hizbullah. This will isolate Syria and they will be given 2 years time to institute some fundamental changes for the better or have their military forces decimated by yet unnamed parties, though one could speculate that IAF would be involved in such events (wink wink). Without Iranian intervention, Iraq will begin to fully stabalize – this will drive what remains of islamic fundamentalism in the ME into Africa for the most part. If you are a betting man, place some cash on this scenario. PS – what is going to become of no-balls Olmert? Talk about the Guy Fawkes of Israel…….

  • Kofi is no friend of ours. Never has and never will be.

  • Carol Herman

    You want a quick solution?  I don't have one.  However, some obvious things pop to mind. <> Assad was baited.  he refused to engage.  Smart, on his part, because just as there is a propaganda war against Israel, Assad is in the thick of it, too.  With a sunni war of propaganda directed at his head. <> The other propaganda war? FOX's two kidnapped American journalists, are signs that one faction, out of Iran, has taken on the Saudis.  Because the Saudi's won enough FOX STOCK to make them media players, there.  (And, it explains why not a single media outlet favors Israel.)  The saudis stink to the high heavens.   <> What will America do? <> Dunno.  Bush has a problem in that he doesn't do speeches well.  Yet, he's fine when he thinks the microphones are off.  And, he shoots from the lip.  Memorable stuff.  So what's to deduce?  HE CAN'T LIE.  The MSM requires liars.  That's why Bubba excelled at public speaking.  His wife doesn't.  But then she's as left as you can swing; and she can't hide this.  So her speeches, too, are dull.  Different in content from President Bush's.  Who tries to skirt the MSM as much as possible. <> Too bad Bush doesn't feel safe being "off the cuff." <> Condi's job, up ahead, may not be as secure as it once was?  Beause someone ELSE in there could produce fireworks at the senate's CONFIRMATION HEARINGS.  And, be a way of telling which way the senate intends to go.  How so? <> Let me throw one name out at you.  Rudy Guiliani.  If Bush picks him (as I think he might) early next year … he'd be saddling up a MODERATE HORSE.  To run out of the GOP tent in 2008.  Nobody, as yet, has a stranglehold on the GOP nomination. <> And, then?  What if Loe Lieberman wins his seat as an Independent?  That's one down for the donks.  What if Lieberman could be equally happy with the GOP moderates, whom he knows.  As well as Jeffords.  And, TWO MEN CLIMB INTO THE GOP.  As KNOWN MODERATES.  This will choke conservatives.  Who always like to claim senate seats as far right ones.  But it's stupid POLITICALLY to do so. <>And, why would Karl Rove want the GOP primaries, home to irrational religious 'grass rooters' to take over the GOP nomination process in 2008?  Doesn't Ned Lamont teach political lessons beyond the donks? <> <>So, while I'm not Karl Rov; if I were.  I'd look to change the stable of opportunists who want the GOP nomination.  To favor Guiliani.  Who hasn't got enough experience to run for the presidency.  But he'd gain it FAST at State.  Just as the swivel chairs were running into retirement, anyway.  And, DC becomes more of a republican town.  With enlightened politicians who see the "grass-rooters" as nuts?   

  • Kofi Annan is like Morgan Freeman if he could cause real damage.

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  • I see things differently. <a xhref="">Hizballah Losing More Hardware.</a> After a lot of bluff and bluster. After losing a lot of bunkers. Hizbollah is losing a lot of its favorite hardware. <i>    The Lebanese army has made a major seizure of weapons in southern Lebanon, Prime Minister Fouad Saniora was quoted as saying in a French newspaper on Tuesday.</i>

  • Doe Rutt

    There is no choice.  Destroy the U.N. in toto.  Burned, crushed, their fetid ashes need to be strewn in deep caves. Kofi Annan is filth demanding incineration.  Find him.  Now. Stop him.  Iran must be incinerated. The Monkey and the Mullahs are cancers of the world. Drop them in vats of fuming acid, their adherents, children, and sympathyizers, too. Hizbollah must be exposed everywhere, chopped finely, and fed to the shrimp.  None of their seed ought to survive. All religious zealots of all cloths must be culled and immediately executed publicly.  No exceptions. The tyranny of their "Gods" must end, using the searing vaporization of nuclear fusion, wherever possible. The religions of the false prophets must be extinguished.

  • In in a club on Jewish Connection, ,  I read that President Bush was interviewed and that he did have substantial PROOF that Iran was not only talking about shipping weapons but they were developing uranium to use for war.

  • Yoohoo!

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  • Israel and the United States would be wise to not trust Kofi Annan or the United Nations. They are not our friends.