Peretz & Olmert: You boys should be keeping a low profile

Not meaning any disrespect, but right now this is not what Amir Peretz should be caught doing..

Foot & Mouth disease

(JPOST) The conflict with Hizbullah may have created a new opportunity for renewed dialogue with the Palestinians, and potentially also with Syria, Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking at a bar mitzva party, Peretz said that he believes every war generates the possibility to further the greater diplomatic process, and that in this case that could mean conducting negotiations with Lebanon and creating the conditions for negotiations with Syria.

In response to this statement, Israel Beiteinu head Avigdor Lieberman said that Peretz was suffering from a failure to acknowledge reality. "It is just this kind of obliviousness to reality that brought the country to the present conflict," Lieberman said.

"After Assad announced that the Golan Heights would be liberated by Syrian soldiers and that Hizbullah won the conflict, Peretz's call for negotiations with Syria will be received as a weakness and an invitation for another attack," he said. "It is preferable that the defense minister focus on preparing the army for the next unavoidable conflict rather than unrealistic wishful thinking."  Lieberman was referring to statements made earlier Tuesday by Syrian President Bashar Assad. Assad said in a speech that America's plan for a "new Middle East" had collapsed after Hizbullah's successes in fighting against Israel.

Now is the time to focus on Israel, security and completing the campaign. Soldiers remain in enemy hands, soldiers remain in enemy lands. These two leaders can't possibly do any more damage to their image right now, or can they? Put a lid on it Amir before Israel puts a lid on you I'd say.. Peretz does not seem to understand that Bashar just finished boasting of a 'fictional' victory, and such talk out of Israel is misinterpreted by many foolish people as a concession.

Sure Amir is just excited because he always wants dialogue with just about anybody, but now give Israel's public some peace and quiet before the next storm rages.. There's a front still open in Gaza Mr. Defense Minister (We need to remind him of this?) a front still open in Lebanon, and a gaping new front opening in the political sphere within Israel.

Can someone hire this guy an adviser!?

UPDATE: While on the topic of the front, where is Hezbollah?

Israel has now invaded Lebanon according to Nasrallah and the cockroaches, this would normally mean a fight to the death according to Hezbollah ideology and boasts.. Unless of course most of them are already dead or now live in mortal fear of it - having seen the IDF up close for the 1st time in 25 years. Is this a small calm, a preparation to counter-attack.. Or will the Hezbollah need literally years to regain its strength? The blow by Israel is perhaps greater than what is seen in the media (at least I think so).

Israel clearly prefers to let the diplomacy roll with a willingness to fight as required, but Hezbollah's boasts, ideologies etc leave little room for this, where is the new leader / 'hero' of the Arab world seen on Al Jazeera and his mighty army.. Buried perhaps by the reality of the rubble all around them, previously known as the 'Hezbollah state within a state?' We'll be watching Hassan.