BBC Busted: Orla Guerin caught lying on TV

She won awards at the BBC, indeed in the twisted world of the boobheads she's some sort of folk hero but we all know better..

Her propaganda operation for the BBC? BUSTED! – Courtesy of Drinking From Home

In living colour, with screenshots documentation, text and jolly good spirit to boot! (H/T LGF)

Drinking From Home hits one out the park! Exposing Guerin & the BBC for the journalistic Hezbollah shills they are, possessed by a deep seated hatred for Israel, manufacturing blatant Arab & Muslim sympathy, or 'context' as they call it.

You're giving the great Brits a bad name. I don't curse here very often, but in this case allow me to be the first to congratulate you Guerin, you & the Beeb just got bitch slapped – but good..

I'm going to take my pants off now and do a little dance in my underwear, that's how happy I am about that!

BBC credibility is not going down the loo, it is at zero and flat lining..

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